Top 5 Home Remedies To Get Chubby Cheeks

Top 5 home remedies to get chubby cheeks your cheeks have a huge impact on how you look chubby cheeks create a youthful appearance high cheekbones are considered attractive by many and saggy cheeks are often a sign of aging one’s face looks fuller at a younger age due to the presence of subcutaneous fat under the skin this fat is.

Specially located along the cheeks giving the face a healthy.

And chubby appearance number 5 olive oil olive oil is a time-tested remedy to get chubby cheeks it contains healthy monounsaturated fats that aid in maintaining healthy and supple skin olive oil works as the perfect moisturizer for dry skin and ensures soft skin it also helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines consume one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Daily use warm olive oil to massage your cheeks in an upward direction for five to ten minutes twice daily.

Number four aloe vera aloe vera has natural skin tightening properties that help get rid of sagging cheeks and also promote skin elasticity moreover the antioxidants in aloe vera prevent damage caused by free radicals and boost collagen production to.

Give you younger looking skin number three fenugreek fenugreek can also help you get chubby yet firm cheeks it has vitamins and antioxidants that combat free radical damage and help promote smooth and healthy skin mix one tablespoon of fenugreek powder with a little water to make a thick paste apply the paste on your cheeks and massage gently leave it on for ten minutes then rinse it off with water follow this remedy once daily another.

Is to massage your cheeks with fenugreek oil one or two times daily number 2 rose water and glycerin a combination of rose water and glycerin is another great way to get chubby cheeks both ingredients have skin benefiting and moisturizing properties that can nourish your skin and keep it hydrated mix equal amounts of rose water and glycerin rub it on your cheat before going to bed and leave it on overnight the next morning.
Rinse it off with warm water repeat this remedy once daily.

Number one apples apples contain many nutrients that are beneficial for your skin the antioxidants in Apple’s help prevent tissue damage and wrinkles in addition it helps keep your skin soft and plump blend 1/2 Apple to get a paste-like consistency apply this paste on your cheeks and massage with gentle circular strokes for five minutes leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before.

Rinsing with warm water repeat this method once daily also eat an apple daily opt for the organic ones whenever possible thanks for watching the video subscribe the channel for more videos source WWE top 10.

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