Bad Baby Joker Girl Gross Real Baby Food Fail Vs Frozen Elsa Toys To See Style

Ouch oh man you got the kick like your mother okay calm down calm down oh my gosh how did I ever get stuck with this one I don’t know how this happened okay that’s right oh don’t do like Joker mean you’re gonna get yourself dirty and me all right here it goes oh one two three oh oh come.

On you have to have some new green beans it’s very good Joker baby stop doing that that’s it all right fine we’ll try.

Something else beautiful fruit daughter baby that’s good for you you like banana banana Joker.

Baby no stop well at least you’re eating it ah you want some up Joker baby Joker baby you being difficult wait how do you want some juice oh boo some juicy some juice of juice or juice to go be yummy organic apple strawberry old this should be very good hmm u. Lincoln I’m glad to like it Joker baby why did you do that you’re supposed to squeeze it all over you no no I’m not giving you any more of this maybe some juice to swallow it all.

Down Mogi yoga baby I’ll go get you the handkerchief so now your mother’s gonna kill me Joker baby now I’m gonna take your shower look at you you’re a big trouble if your mother.

This and it’ll be so much trouble but I’ll go get you a shower.


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