Eating Baby Food, Buying Groceries And Work | Cape Town Vlog

So apparently we imported illegal food into South Africa this was still in my backpack this is actually J&J sharing one with me so we’re now having breakfast this is the best stuff ever your film you eat some of it there we go that’s a good boy well that’s it to the vlog this is the first coffee we get.

To drink since wait since being in South Africa we didn’t oh my god you guys really don’t even believe.

How much I’m looking forward to this and it’s for you so don’t get too excited J why are you putting on my pants Finn oh my god that’s cute they got a swing J if it wouldn’t be wet we could be swinging now it’s been cloudy since we arrived there’s a little bit in between this.

Beautiful what’s the plan for today boys work I like that I like that I like that part you had your prom yesterday nice he came back at 3:00 a.
A cannon what what can I do a him see I don’t think you put the.

This amazing dude it’s hot water with a bit of coffee you know experience Cape Town and hopefully I’m gonna share a bit of that too so thanks for watching LinkedIn and see you in the next video Deb and now it’s time.

To do some groceries with Finn and Jay.

They got onions and they got em cantos and they get more onions and some disparately color onions and potatoes and some more potatoes energy and some bananas what do you want to buy Jade what about finishes but Thomas saw something let’s catch him this is what we got last time it’s already made pumpkin with spinach and sour cream and cheese it’s really really good and it’s super super cheap.99 I forgot the currency of this place you can rent its Rand but I think 17 Rand is 1 euro so this is like 2 euro something two-year-old 20 or whatever so it’s like it’s like nothing like it’s super.

Cheap so that’s exciting food is cheap you alright I think that’s it for today what happened today nothing much well actually actually I had a very interesting talk with with the guy I’m running the Lincoln agency with right now and I’m gonna make a kind of like bigger update video I don’t know when yet because I really I think it tastes that already.

But today we talked a bit more and we made some decisions and so I’m gonna like sit down and talk about all these things I also want to make a video like talking about exactly what I’m doing for work because I’m getting that.

Question a lot and how making money and how I’m like you know affording this beautiful crazy Airbnb apartment so that I’m gonna do that huh it yeah it’s sponsored by well no that’s J did some shooting today.

Was awesome I looked at the pictures the pictures were actually gorgeous yes but he.

Matthew I work today all day again but tomorrow would actually eggs me yeah you work too I didn’t say you didn’t work yeah yeah because the vlog is about me dude well it’s not about you I’m sorry to tell you that but tomorrow we’re actually you.

Know going out a bit and we go into the waterfront if it doesn’t rain and if if it rains were only going to like a market in the evening and otherwise we’re gonna do both.

So tomorrow hopefully in the vlog you’re actually gonna see something about South Africa but right now this is always the last thing I’m doing for the day now we editing the block after that I’m eating that kind of burn thing that looks actually very.

That’s pumpkin with a AK and stuff we did some groceries I.

Showed you there we’ll put them there cute coffee maker yeah people can’t see it from you maybe I’ll show you the cute coffee maker I’m one of the coming blogs you guys will be very excited to see how cute coffee maker coffee maker coffee maker he’s dying right now yeah that that looks hot.

Dude I mean that’s literally burned I would have imagined that hot that’s hot um but that’s it for the vlog if you liked the video give it a like if you you know want to watch.
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Mood you know whatever click the bell button you don’t have to but you can Ricky wink wink and then see you guys tomorrow peace happy watch Ricky’s blog they you know I’m why.

Would i watch to Ricky’s pop I to wake up when there’s no other time to wake you up seething breathing doing all the things I.

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