How To Feed Your Baby Baby Food And Keep Her Clean

Today I’m teaching you how to feed your baby big thanks to Beach not naturals for sponsoring this video to feed your baby first secure them properly and safely in their highchair and then put on their bib babies are super messy when you feed them so don’t skip this step next grab your baby food I picked up some Beechnut.

Naturals the ones in the honey pot shaped glass jars with the green lids from my.

Local Walmart store they also have organic options but all buttes not naturals are a hundred percent natural nothing artificial made with real fruits and vegetables just like.

You would use at home is inspired by homemade which is great because I don’t ever make my own.

Baby food now it’s time to spoon feed that period food to your baby the best approach is a slow and gentle one use a spoon designed specifically for babies to make it easier on them.

And you if your baby isn’t cooperating it’s helpful to open your own mouth really big saying ah because it encourages your baby to do the same mmm that’s good huh baby she likes it a lot they’re good pears another way I like to.

Feed baby food to my little ones is by using one of these cool reusable squeeze pouches to use it just.

Open up the side and pour your Beechnut naturals real food for babies into the pouch once it’s.

On there you seal it up with a double ziplock these pouches are really convenient to use because I make mealtime cleaner and faster I like that I don’t have to go back and forth from the jar to my baby with the spoon over and over again they can hopefully.

Sit there and you can squeeze out a little bit for them or they can kind of do it themselves I like to keep my baby’s face clean as I feed her because otherwise the food.
Has a tendency to be smeared.

Everywhere thanks to those grabby touchy little hands I use the spoon and clean up her chin and cheeks and give.

It right back to her mouth when she no longer seems interested in eating and I know mealtime is over I know it’s time to clean her up I like to wet a paper towel.

And gently wipe her down starting with her face and cheeks and then her hands and.
Fingers and her arms lastly I wipe down her high chair tray.

Tray is super messy you might want.

To start there instead so she doesn’t keep getting her clean hands and spilled food on the tray and then just remove the bib Beechnut natural ingredients that a baby could pronounce what do you think can you say it please say carrots squash step thanks for watching check out the links in the description below.

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