Dry Sheet Mask [ft. Bare Me – Dry Facial Balm Mask] | Green Beauty Review

Have you heard of dry sheet masks that’s right dry ake a waterless if not this videos for you hello my beautiful friends welcome back my name is MIA and this is pure beauty a channel devoted to helping green beauty babes just like you discover and fall in love with the world of clean beauty and holistic living in this.

Video I’m gonna share with you this new innovative chic.

Mask that is completely dry I’m gonna share with you the technology behind it how it works who is for and the amazing benefits that has to offer so what are dry sheet masks well they are quite similar to regular sheet masks in.
The sense that they are made from face shaped fabric but there.

Is one big exception and that is that they are completely dry so you might be wondering well if they’re dry how do they work because it’s exactly the first question that I had you guys know how.

Much I love masks and I actually really love sheet masks because I feel like they are just drenched in the essence and at one application that’s when the essence observes into my skin so I was really intrigued by this dry sheet mask however I had a lot.

Of questions I just could understand if the sheet mask is dry how will all the wonderful ingredients work there wonders into my skin you guys know how much I love skin care but the truth is that what I love most about skincare is the science behind it I love finding out why certain products work a certain way what the ingredients.

In the products do and I love sharing it with you guys so you can bet then once I had my hands on these babies it became my job to find out exactly how they work so that I can share it with you.

So in today’s video I’m featuring the bare me Beauty dry facial ball ask it comes.

In this little packaging and when you open it up this is what the mask looks like so it is completely dry as you can see nothing no water it’s just like a bear claw so where is the good stuff where are the.

Ingredients and how do they transfer onto the skin that is a big question that we’ll be answering today so to start when you open up the mask.

You’ll notice that one side of the mask is just the regular sheet but the other one has this printed pattern on it this pattern is in fact the ingredients it is the bomb that holds all the good stuff that’s going to work wonders on your.

Skin so this is bomb that covers the sheet mask is composed of a high concentration of active ingredients to give you maximum results which i think is kind of cool regular sheet masks actually contain a very high concentration of water and that’s why you’ll normally find that.

Water is listed as one of the first if not the first ingredient on the ingredient list of regular sheet masks in my research I actually found out that regular sheet must contain up to 80%.

Water mint which means that there’s not a lot of room for the rest of the ingredients and since dry sheet masks are in fact dry meaning that they don’t contain any water that means that the ingredients that are in there are all the active ingredients so.

The next question is okay so they have a ball that has all the ingredients in there but how does the bomb transfer onto.

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