Newborn Calves At Raw Milk Dairy

We’re gonna do that again hi hi we know somebody really cool that you share a name with what’s she doing down I know what you’re after is my toes it’s my toes those was that those are human toes what are those you goof all you knew you goofy oh are you hungry Wow Wow you are cutie pie your.

Goodness okay I’m gonna go now I’m gonna take my thumb back thank you oh yeah.

You are a cutie boy cute baby and I’ll slobbery now I’m sorry though Mimi Summers if I put my hand here you go right in yep I could see you just leave my hand there to just prop it up nope I’m gonna do two hungry hungry baby so sweet you are George we yeah tonight rub your chin is that possible without nope you’re gonna be okay I’ll.

Go find out what Caitlin’s yelling about no nope nope nope nope nope there’s a fence here for a reason hi baby wants to come say hi that the baby comes senses my beautiful huge freshest yeah and then you stick your tongue right in your dog very.

Pity oh that got your attention I’ve got your attention very pretty just gorgeous Oh trying good job good job baby not used to stand in aria but is this standing up business this is a.

Hand you know hand is not yet what are those key nurse yeah Caitlin’s yelling at me you are beautiful puh-puh-puh buh-buh-buh okay kitty what is that what are those things fingers fingers Wiggly that’s Kaitlyn giggling she’s getting sucked on you can come all the way up here yeah hmm may I touch you is that okay not yet not yet.

Oh what was that what was that what was that let’s well what is that Oh Oh oh is that nice is that nice right there boys I’m gonna try that again wanna rub right there Oh does that feel good Oh you are.

So cool yeah you’d like that did you like that right here talents not so much huh not so much.

Boy your ears go back I’m not used to that touching stuff are we not at all not used to this walkie stuff either.

Oh you do want your head rub right there what a sweetheart you are yeah where’d that kid go huh kaitlin’s I think you’re being called I think I think this one’s gonna lay back down maybe is brand new baby he’s not used to walking at all.

Oh oh there you go just a you were standing for a long time bless you yes you are precious it was very nice meeting you it’s very nice meeting.

You thank you see you later you wanna go get ice cream Kaitlyn yeah let’s go get it..

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