I Cut My Natural Hair After Being Natural For 4 Years!!! (+hair Dye)

Welcome back to another video you know and it’s an update so as you can see my hair is shorter now so after checking out my box braids from my last video I left those box braids in approximately seven weeks so I did have some go but just the idea of having to commit to of the hair that was.

On my head was too much for me so what I did was I.

Went ahead and I went to the barber shop so that’s the results my hair is significant after four years or not see that I do not be quite mr. spinner oh but I do miss my hands because it was so beautiful but eventually my hair will grow back so I still can do watch the videos twist sound video the.

Weights no great not such a good idea because one of the reasons why I did cut my hair.

Was that I had a lot of damage and person in front of my head because I had been doing so much so many bugs grades a debuff it’s become sick here so there’s a lot of pressure on my agents and you know it was coming out so you was really looking very weird.

So I had to cut it off and start over again and I’m not starting from scratch I’m trying with a decent here so I’m okay with it and like I said so thank you so much for your support yeah I found don’t forget to subscribe if you like this video and I will see you in.

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