Make Alcohol From Your Baby's Food

You know when you go to the shop and you don’t have so much for money you’ve got to buy a baby food but you also want to get drunk so you put down the baby food and everyone’s like deadbeat dad look at that loser right I have a solution we’re gonna make alcohol out of baby food now you.

Put it in your trolley everyone’s gonna be like what a great dad and their friends like handsome and cool too and they like yeah this here is 100% fruits it’s 85% pear and 15% apricot so we’re gonna have parent apricots side up awesome cut.

Myself a bottle which I’ve disinfected it’s a soda bottle I’m gonna put this in here just wipe that in oh yes that’s actually a lot like how it looks when it comes out of the baby goes in the baby like that comes out of the baby like that each one of these is a.

Hundred and ten grams of fruit so I have four of them gonna add some sugar to help the fermentation because I doubt this.

This well the Heinz brand has a lot of sugar apparently just add about as much sugar to the alcohol as you usually add to your kids dinner this is just plain white sugar this is water.

That I have boiled and I made a delicious cup of tea it’s actually still quite hot so I’m gonna pull this in and then let it cool down before I add the.

East just give it a bit of a senora so the heat doesn’t walk the bottle mix it around with that now cooler fruit mesh if this could plug into the wall you could sell it to overweight people.

As an exercise machine that’s irrelevant and mean I’m just thinking of those things that people stand on the wall then there’s stuff for me I’m sticking a furniture yeah so just.

Put it on that much now how long.

Is that it’s about as warm as it’s a little bit too warm good analogy huh oh okay so I’m just gonna leave this for like half an hour until it cools down okay it’s like 40 minutes later this is cooled down to about body temperature and I’m gonna add the yeast this particular.

Yeast strain is ma 33 really matter it’s just what I got lying around put that in come on come on come on spill it everywhere and I will leave the lid ajar to let the air out the gases and leave that to ferment I’ll keep you updated this is.

Day four she’s uh bubbling pretty damn well it’s very thick I’m going to have to filter it.

Lest it be just like alcoholic slop okay all right it is months and months later I completely forgot about this I forgot about it twice I forgot about it once when.

It was fermenting and the other time is when it’s just sitting sort of in the corner of this messy.

Room I never filtered at it filtered it so as you can see I.

Think the bottom is not letting any light through and the top is a little clearer I just spent ten minutes looking for my filter bag.

Which is I use to make some things and I can’t find it which.

Is pretty much the story of my life so I’ll use my must little jar gloss here and let’s give it a go because I forgot.

About it during fermentation it’s not gonna be bubbly or your that it is you know the words it is so this is apricot and pear flavor doesn’t smell very.

Good smell bad oh look at that it’s a liquidy at the top here it’s very very cloudy as you might expect smells the same smells kind of like a tin of dog food.

Wet dog food no no no spam although what’s the difference but it tastes pretty good someone’s gonna tell me why it tastes like smells like spam they buy the spam order is.

From the bacteria of this you have six hours to live they’ll get that message like five months from now when I’m dead it’s slightly carbonated it tastes pretty good smells like spam ah the old spam a little bit so I’m expecting the talk to be pretty good in the bottom to be sort of like a gross slope I hate eating.

Alcohol but unlike punch that has fruit in it even.

Though you’re drinking some delicious punch on this level mmm someone put pineapple in there blah blah blah this is pretty good it doesn’t have a strong flavor baby food I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna put strong flavors you mmm baby’s not playing the yard.

Somewhere I think it’s pretty tame I’m just gonna smash though does it taste like oh no can’t detect an alcohol flavor everything get.

Botulism a pretty much drunk now all the liquid let’s just play with that oh I’m gonna neck we room well if I was at a bar and someone gave me this I’d drink it and I wouldn’t know it or no one wasn’t a flavor at all really talking over.

This smell unless that’s helium he would not be.

Cool he’ll leave me an alcohol you’d be drinking it and you’re like whatever can they do that they put nitrogen in but not very well almost certainly not next.

Oklahoma do I make is gonna be about rice wine which I have down to a tee I do it pretty well so I’ll do normal rice wine with some.

Variations as an experiment because I like to experiment Russ wine is excellent I think sake plum job change oh well what do they.

Call the Korean one no can eat eat lunch my baby’s so big he doesn’t even eat these anymore that’s how long I waited to actually drink this heat steak and potatoes no dad I need.

To borrow the car I’m like where you going like get some steak and potatoes do I dare the thickness should have shaken it huh but you know that sort of grittiness of a pair when you eat a parish but that final little tiny grittiness I’m not this has that.

It’s thick yeah I’m not gonna drink the rest of that hey thanks for watching everybody be good to your kid I used to be really good in analogies and now.

I’m just like no that’s good it’s kinda like something that was good and then became not as good.

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