Baby Food Challenge With Juliana And Brandon

Hey guys my name is Alexia this is my first youtube video and today’s video is going to be the baby food challenge those of you that don’t know what to baby food challenge the baby food challenge is you have to taste the baby food and guess what it is my cousins are gonna be in the video hi my.

Name is Juliana hi my name is Brandon and I a challenge yeah so what to get.

Into we have a have numbers on the bottom that my mom put she took off the labels because so we wouldn’t know what the flavor is so here’s the first one wait this actually smells good okay one two three it’s good tastes like apple sauce with strawberries yeah yeah and all right so I think this is applesauce and strawberries houses kids any bud just taste that okay whatever.

Hey kids applesauce yeah it’s what I’m strawberry oh yes all right so this is anyone knows.

Like Dolph here i’ll let you know you have to do it girl a little oh I’m you throw i think i think this turn up Wiz.

This is to not be for what is it what be okay oh wait it i think this is peace I eat peas hi sorry oh he’s okay peanut butter mommy ain’t at all what it is there’s like pigs but it’s Rosie’s oh look what this is gooey this is like hard chunky oh I have no idea what that is but broccoli it tastes like broccoli and.

He knows that tastes like fight it Tim broccoli beef n broccoli just like broccoli too sweet for 20 those bad much what I don’t like to take its number five because it takes that long ok I don’t know how babies eat this what is it to.

Move I don’t know what that is oh you’re gonna keep your breath chicken and chicken oh yeah it does see some chicken but not chicken boss oh this was happy good that one’s head good what just some watering them Oh white this is GUI is it good banana oh yeah a decimal like this does banana for sure yet oh yes are even now top banana.

Banana banana you can’t change your answer oh but this is a chicken Kasich like bar is made up and yeah chicken bus hello my good bra get out my face right now.

Baby cam and gravy and green cheese does not to burn the orange inform you chase me tick tick carrots carrots carrots carrots sweet carrots yup we got that all night too what is this.

One the first one i absolve us applesauce I mean I’ll job.

Is so I’m trying yeah so this one was good no more that concludes the video.

Get so much for watching give this video a thumbs up subscribe i’ll.

See you guys next bye hey guys today me hey guys today I’m hi guys my name is Elijah this is my first youtube video hey god oh my god is cuz every time.

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