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Hello its Mary and then we’re back now this is another video just to tell you what I saved today our price um today is actually the 20 is it the second one is the 20th okay so today’s the 20th and I just want to tell you the good deals I did buy some other stuff besides what you see.

Refrigerated so you can’t just have it out in the video but total um I saved 67 dollars and 30 cents which was a 56 percent savings I ended up.

Hing 5337 for everything that I got so you can kinda see my balance which is 53 37 and then when you come down here this is where you see your savings the manufacturers on with my coupons was 26 84 and then they have a.

Courser mega deals was what we’re gonna talk about today because that’s.

Really gonna utilize your savings is by looking at items that are on sale in this store with phrase they have their Megiddo which if you buy 10 participating items they give you 50 cents off per item during this transaction I actually purchased 20 of the participating items which I have coupons for everything that I purchased.

Which made it really nice um the sale on this actually ends on Tuesday so you don’t have much time to run out and get some videos if you want to go to get these dough so you have like a day huh so you have to rush to the store tomorrow or tonight I guess if you see this video um this Venus Gillis I guess we’ll start.

I had a coupon which is really good coupon for a dollar off I haven’t seen that coupon for.

A while so when I finally got my coupon I’m super excited ended up being a buck apiece for the Velveeta skillets which me and my family absolutely love the Capri Suns we had bite 3 and then you would get one first they were dollar 89 apiece so it made it a pretty good deal cuz my our girls really love the Capri Suns so that’s why we got them um these high highly recommend I love the craft fresh tank there was.

Coupons that came in the Sunday paper but I had already used them like last week so what I did is I.

Went to coupons calm and they have a brand new coupon which is a dollar fifty a book to participating items and it was either the fresh take of the Philly cream cheese and so I went ahead and got both because I had two separate.

Coupons and they made them each a dollar fifty which wasn’t bad for these because I really love them I also had a coupon for the Country Crock and this is a small one but the reason I got this is because it was a participating item it.

Was 99 cents and I had a dollar off coupon which made this absolutely free if you have more than one computer you can actually print more coupons each item you’re allowed to print two.

Coupons for that item so I had to but since we have more than one computer.

I had four coupons my mom loved this till summer she took my two coupons and bought two of.

These herself huh so I only got one well he’s the Kraft it wasn’t I didn’t have a coupon for this but it was 249 um but it was a participating item and so for me that was the gadot so I ended up getting that on this wall I got two coupon a dollar off off of coupons Comet with all of these absolutely free I got four of.

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