Baby Food Challenge W/ Dennis Roady

Look it up kid so welcome back to another town video today we have a special guest Dennis Roady so how to prank it up what up peeps we’ve been doing a lot of baby pranksters last couple days we did a how to prank and we did a baby prank in public those are we a first try so we.

Baby food challenge so this is how this challenge is going to work two people are going to be blindfolded at the same time and the other person is going to pick one jar of.

Baby food for the other two people to try now the two people that are blindfolded has to shout out at the same time what type of baby food they think it is well gets the most wrong has to eat a whole jar.

Of baby food Jessie’s going I always lose it’s gonna be the worst kind but mind you for all pressures here by blindfolding each other and feeding each other stuff is very bad oh we drag each other I don’t have any pranks plan no the.

Price no price this is a competition there is no gopher site so I pick for you to yeah I know is this covered so obviously.

I think I know I figured out all.

Right on three you guys have to guess right one two three taking the gravy beef.

Turkeys ready you’re both wrong hey Madrid oh great damn as the worst I do give that to a baby bamboo get out of here you’re not a baby anymore no pranking you shook okay on the count of three one two.

Three yeah oh I knew it was a cause there you go last it was squash oh yeah I want to see which one of these I did this is gonna be really hard damn it.

I wish I’d have been home prepare know how this is gonna work too bad yeah you sure yeah this one stinks I’m Gianna.

Baby what mm baby no Beauty gravy gravy what turkey gravy no beeping reveal ah its I wish.

You guys could see this but both cats are just sitting on table looking done waiting I want to eat some of that food you’ll see your spoon if you have some left just go just we won’t look don’t don’t tiptoe he’s literally knocking you’re clear I’m out of here man I’m.

Scared Gina might put cat poop on a spoon genome I put captain wash on I mean she’s done stuff worse it.

Just babe I realize how bad I know man poor baby’s okay I’m treating my baby like protein shakes and you don’t be big boy it tastes Oh III guess chicken gravy Oh beefing cut beef and gravy turkey gravy yeah I don’t want to fucking give Alexander any this beef be my vegetarian but you know what beef isn’t.

Supposed to be warm in the jar ever yeah this isn’t normal mom I’m making.

I’m gonna cook this visit we’re moving on to Round five the score Carly now is just a to Jeana one Dennis one let’s go why are you laughing hi know that real quick awesome mom let’s go let’s go I get his pocket when he turns dishwasher.

That you don’t like that one ah hi you guys ready answer yeah one two three yeah I said first well right I said first so do we.

Have to do a tiebreaker how’d I do that hit rock scissors 1 2 3 shoot right 1 2 3 ah I’ll do good boy what’s that guy like that I am driving you will i anyt own a good movie – totally the thing is if you eat that garlic your breaths gonna smell the rest of the day you guys are being really quiet I’m waiting for my Christmas oh oh.

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