Update On Weight Loss Journey Using Apple Cider Vinegar Products

Hey my beautiful beloved this is lady G just checking in with you to uh let you know how my progress has been going while I’m taking this apple cider vinegar challenge to those wait well I am proud to say when I went to my doctor yesterday they told me I weighed 238 pounds and this was from a weight.

Of 260 I think last year or in 2016 and from 284 and 2015 so yes.

It works and I’ve been working it yes I have I might sound a little nasally because I just gotten over little.

Case of bronchitis but I’m doing well otherwise and I’m going to show you that one cider vinegar that I have been using okay the first one I didn’t use the original drank apple cider vinegar I used another byproduct of it it’s called the organic apple cider vinegar and honey blend and as you can see is it’s pretty much gone I started on this one in June yeah it started in June I started on June 25th and I was taking it three times a day.

Maybe four times it is as have my taste buds talked about it and all I did was take one before I started taking it I was using you know tattering the dosages meaning that’s the medical term meaning I would start out at the.

Lowest dose possible like a quarter teaspoon full and then gradually worked my way up you know a quarter teaspoon full for say two.

Weeks and half a teaspoonful for two weeks a teaspoon full for say three weeks a tablespoon full for a week and then after that was to take spoonful so I took my time in drinking I did just dive right in and that’s my suggestion to you if you’re going to take this route and I completed that bottle all.

This is in here it’s just water because I had to last a little mother in it and it still tastes good I mean it’s very tasty and everything it was a.

Little tart and of course it’s gonna be a little sharp but.

It was very tasty and I finished that bottle so now I am on their other brand of break-out cider vinegar and this is the organic apple cider vinegar miracle cleanse concentrate and it’s got in it organic honey or of course the organic apple cider vinegar with the mother it’s got organic honey organic cayenne pepper and organic lemon juice and I have been consuming.

Every chance I got sometimes I’ll take it in the morning on an empty stomach it doesn’t bother me sometimes I drink it during the afternoon maybe.

Twice three times a day and maybe have a small meal if I’m eating a little something I’ll drink some of this with my meal and also it’s I got this one at my.

Local health food store that’s right in my neighborhood I just did not want to wait and pay all them taxes to the Amazon to get this big little bottle so I found that in my health food store and that’s why I’ll be getting mine it’s really gone out and this is it fear mixed in some water some distilled water I had this is what I warm the.

Water because when I had to cold my throat was very sore and it seemed like.

When I drink this it helped to stop some.

Of the soreness as well as give me energy so I kick it you know be bottled water like this and it’s advised that you drink it with a straw so that’s what I’ve been doing I’ve been drink it up with a straw and if you shake it up you can kind.

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