Breastfeeding And Formula Feeding A Newborn / Life With Vicki

Severson has much and if you’re wondering when Omaha City like that I will go into further detail about breastfeeding onion breastfeeding and I’m also formula feeding so it’s like I’m extra bowl I mean just enough sometimes because she can go between two ounces to three ounces so fishing I make between two and a half ounces per pumping session.

Because I come I don’t breastfeed well I don’t know because share the some time and getting heard a lot of times as hassle like I could spend me with our tuna jerky heard mercer compared to pumping.

Engine bottle system and the four other kids I can’t spend that much time just trying to focus on their things when I need to get out and do other things and then I’ve extended my puffing time from every three hours every four hours so that I’m not killing yourself with sweet and I still have enough time to be like function and because you other things on health clear so for funding I am using like Gatorade bottles and I’m packing these Gatorade bottles or power eight bottles usually.

I keep the third accomplice position on something like attending water gatorade and coffee to store our milk and I would accumulate too much that I know she won’t see.

Within the time I brings it so as 149 now and I think that I put that quote I put that goal and I just got at that session I barely got through hot office so that’s why I also for mostly because since I’m going to eat about every four hours which.

That the supply and demand you’re supposed to calm Eric on the baby I’m not doing that.

I’m pumping every four hours and for every two hours and Mama can handle it I come with killing myself China every flower and get complete like that’s not possible and long and get managed to get a map down like I’m here.

Suppose complete one of eight weeks but before the kids it’s not possible for me to be proven at is not and then with lanterns.

Of swinging from possibly want to be a manager it’s scheduled time to be all.

Over the place so I smell like I can depend on him to be able to top me exact and just a burn house I’m nothing up in here and check myself out and my lunch session out so no point I can’t hear myself think I can’t hear myself interesting one after I shut it off until I go back upstairs but right now I’m just going to enjoy fun it’s also the law I learned my lesson don’t.

You toss up that milk I actually.

And she’s a little older and she can actually eat it without being so gassy so badly not bear they say you should avoid it just for babies Metheny gassy but it’s not saying that you can’t get it at all so I’m saving it for now there’s nothing on me that I’m going to toss it like it’s no fun.

To soften it as she can’t eventually drink the milk yeah BAM for now underline formula and breast milk it’s a combination she’ll get like Marx who bottles a formula and the rest will be.

All breast milk so that I’m not like crazy enough on craziness yeah please Alma got my back down it’s horrible delicious but come together promise we’re going to go.

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