This Changed My Natural Hair… I Used The Aztec Clay Mask On My Hair & Skin

Back up they don’t love you like I love you what’s get you – it’s a girl position now back it again with another video for you guys get it go get it go get it and today’s video I just saw that I know I’m gonna be trying this India Aztec healing clay – I bought it yesterday I had.

A beauty supply store for eight $8.

Like tarts it came out like – ten dollars and I’ma just be using this max.

– basically I would be using this mess basically cleanse my hair because I have something called protein overload if you don’t know but that ends you could look it up after this video basically my hair like it couldn’t.

It’s holding too much protein right now cuz I did like to protein treatments but it was a mistake you can also have.

Moisture over a little bit like you can look more into that after this video if you want to so I just freshly shampooing my hands my clothes look like I mean they don’t look that bad but like they’re limp and I don’t have them a shrinkage like usually my hair strings way more dude this is what it’s looking like before.

So we’re gonna see what it looks like after with this man that’s my hair and I’m also put on my face I’m gonna use this on my face for like a week so.

Imma just mix this with some apple cider vinegar apply it to my hair and see if this joint actually works so watched a whole bunch of videos apparently it works like it’s gonna protein overload and stuff like that so hopefully my hair.

Feels much better cuz my hair does feel.

Like dry and brittle and I could barely like run my fingers through it and usually I can but then again this is freshly shampooed hair so but these are my curls they.

Look dead okay so like the things you’re gonna be needing is obviously the clay some brick some apple cider vinegar a plastic spoon to mix it up and like a plastic bowl on the back of the directions it says.

Any metals I guess cuz it messes with it so if you want this to actually work so I’m gonna mix this up and.

I’m come back okay so here I’m just taking.

The apple cider vinegar and I’m just pouring it into the mixture of the clay just to get the correct amount of because this.

Is the I want you could have your consistency runny or running or um like thick it doesn’t really matter because the clay is strong enough so like it doesn’t matter if you poured too much apple cider that’s fine but I wanted mine to be like I want to feel like clay like just so I could know like is working I didn’t want it to be.

Runny so as I’m dripping all over me so I’m just mixing it.

Here and until I get the correct amount of consistency and like I said before you’re not supposed to use any metals like no metal bowl or no metal spoon so I’m using a plastic spoon and a plastic bowl to mix up the the clay and the apple cider vinegar together and once I’m done with that I begin applying it to my hair all right so I got the consistency I want and I’m probably gonna apply it okay so I thought I’d.

Tell you guys like my experience while applying.

The mass so while applying the mass.

As soon as the mass touched my hair my hair literally felt super dry like it dried out my hair but that’s totally fine because it’s pretty normal that’s what everyone experienced on YouTube so it dried up.

But once I washed it out it felt pretty soft so like my hair wasn’t like hard or anything but I did condition and then I deep conditioned my hair felt super amazing after so I’m just applying the mass like from roots to end and you want to make sure you get on.

Every single hair strand because this is going to detox your hair and take out all the toxins all the chemicals so something like this you probably don’t want to do it too often cuz I don’t think that would be good so something like from for every month or every three months you want to do something like this just to get really get all the toxins out your.

Hair and some benefits of this Bennett’s and clay mask is that it’s literally giving your hair like a deep clean like it’s gonna clean your hair better than sharon poo is going to but i’m.

Pretty sure you can’t use something like this every week like I said every month or every three months I suggest that okay so now let me get back to the benefits of this mattress so the benefit healing clay mask it draws out toxins and impurities to your hair basically product build-up so all the product build-up is retained within the mash so when you rinse your hair it comes out squeaky clean another thing is it doesn’t strip your hair even though the benetton healing clay mask makes.

Your hair squeaky clean it doesn’t strip your hair of any moisture.

But it does open up the hairs cuticles so when you apply your finishing products the hair absorb better before your cuticle closes basically allowing your hair to take in more much more moisture like if.

Your deep conditioning is gonna allow your hair to definitely take in all that moisture from the deep conditioner to find your curls 1/8 and curl clumping so your curls are gonna look more defined once you rinse it out and it.

Also tames frizz and flyaways it helps keep frizz to a minimum and also it promotes shiny hair.

And also helps your hair get stronger and also I think aids and hair growth.

Supposedly I don’t know how true that is but it also alleviates scalp issues like such as dandruff and things like that so this time I’m looking right now I can already feel.

Like getting super hard because then again like it is clean I don’t put a little.

Bit my face bone all right so my face is stiffening up my hair feels different like yeah it’s mad stiff as you could see go believe this works and I could barely talk her now but I’m trying out my face – I was trying on my face for a week and see if it clears up my.

Acne cuz I’d be having like lab up somewhere foreheads someone let this sit for like 20 20 minutes so we’re like 12 minutes in and this is like this is lifting my nose my nose doesn’t usually look this high yeah it’s giving me a whole facelift right now like I can literally feel it tightening.

Around my skin I’m about to watch this on my face because I got sensitive skin and they said look for sensitive skins leave it for 15 minutes oh I.

Guess this means it’s working but it’s care of me like if you this mask like it looks scary they’re gonna make my nose a hole like it’s looked in my nose but I like the.

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