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Hi guys welcome again so in today’s video I’m going to show you two types of smoothie recipe for babies it’s so healthy and yummy in taste your baby will surely love it so let’s start so subsequently the thing is strawberry apple smoothie is killing me ingredients 1/2 cup curd HEC an attack occurs whenever continuous data all bucatini origin.

While teens HR strawberries strawberries on a fresh landing elves achieve gosh golly gee SRS – tropical Italian story with other cutting area usually the Year shota applies the same natural killed Armenia research a Boston here stupid a mega.

2 tablespoons of honey all 8 Otis our walnut copies so in such a so pop up hum HSA when Kalinga yeah baby go break past meaning a branch myth is something they came in a serene regime Scotland Yard Medallia her up a mistake smooth paste fun with a smooth texture on it’ll be slim you see it’s ready.

Now just pour it and serve it to your baby your baby will surely love the taste up his smoothie.

Key recipe baby for one year gave birth easily there something and we will love that least so let’s move on to the second recipe from an angry banana almond smoothie is kilometre in a kadai Penina banana peel focaccia no no change or thoris are a pinch of elaichi powder 1/4 cup of milk milk warm rakia normal temperature pay for the instacharge padam agar.

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In subbing brilliant score as usual a mixed blender jar my darling gay or is it a chase again related yes multi baby Kuwait can maybe help correctly we see.

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Ready for just Forrest himself Thanks Agra committee recipes a chillier than please like share and subscribe to my channel and if you have any brushes and you can ask me in the comment section below.

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