Baby Food Diet Taken To The Next Level | Spit Or Swallow?

I think everyone can relate to wanting to lose weight but it is really hard for me because I really love to eat so I went online to find a diet that addresses portion control and calorie intake and I found this diet called the baby food diet it got a ton of press in the past couple years because of.

Celebrity endorsements but it’s.

Really just adults replacing a couple meals a day the.

Baby food the idea is that because the ingredients are so pure you’re cramming all the essential nutrients into very small portions without added sugar or additives and because the contents are proportioned for an infant it’s easy to keep your calorie intake love.

The guidelines for the diet vary but most iterations recommend replacing two to three meals a day with jars of 80 calorie.

You end up eating between 18 to 14 servings daily this looks disgusting Super’s salmon and vegetables with quinoa sweet pea potato carrots and brown rice that’s that’s a pretty high-end meal for a baby eighty calories one catch now I read online that people find it hard to eat more than just a couple spoonfuls but what if I find out really tasty and.

I threw five jars in one sitting I see that is not a problem the texture is truly off-putting it feels like someone chewed your food and gave it back to you there is no way anyone is going to overeat on this diet besides the taste I’m.

Really curious about how this actually works in my body am I getting all the nutrients I need so I went to an expert you could sustain yourself on a baby food diet.

Food itself is not a meal for an adult.

And I can’t believe I even say but it’s really missing elements like complete proteins you know you don’t have any meat in those products although you have plant proteins it’s not a complete protein if I want to lose weight is the baby food diet the way to go I think that if you.

Ate actual fruit you’d lose more weight than.

The baby food because the baby food is already pre processed and your body essentially burns calories by breaking down food your your digestive tract is a muscle and you want to make sure that you’re using it so this is the.

Interesting part right it doesn’t.

Surprise me that the nutritionist wasn’t super gung-ho about a diet a picture of baby food but I didn’t.

Realize the baby food your body doesn’t have to do as much work breaking down the nutrients so you’re burning fewer calories than you would with raw food I hated this diet the food was gross it made me nauseous it was super awkward to eat in public so for me as far as crash diets go this is the worst.

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