Natural Beauty Hair Boutique Brazilian Loose Wave Final Review

So I’m coming to you today with the final review on this hair that I have in my head which is natural beauty Hair Boutique um Brazilian loose wave I was synthase from a company to review they sent me four bundles they sent me two bundles of twenty eight one bundle of twenty six in one bundle of twenty four.

And I have n three bundles in a little bit of the twenty four I went back.

And added that in later um I’ve been wearing this hair for about a month now so this is going to be the final review um if you’ve been watching my.

Updates with this hair you know that I have you know had just a little bit of problems um so we’ll just get right into it this hair is actually really really beautiful I love the natural wave I love how natural the hair looks the only issue that I’ve had with this hair is shedding um I.

Amount of shedding um and you know over the weeks it’s just begin to get more and more and more not to the point where it’s causing my hair to look thin or anything like that but it’s just getting more and more noticeable as you know the weeks were going on.

I have been in contact with the company about.

It and you know she was asking me a lot of questions she was very honest and um you know saying that still in the West might help and things like that and I communicated with her that this was not.

An issue that still in the wefts would have fixed fixed because some parts of the of the weft just looked like maybe the machine that was left in the hair malfunctioned or something more of.

That note now the bundle of 24 was the only bundle that the left was just.

Constructed completely gray it had no issues with that and um so I don’t think that this is something that happens with every bundle um maybe that batch shipment of hair that came in or whatever.

The case may be because that bundle of 24 was very vey very nice very good she did.

Mention that you know she was very appreciative of my feedback and very appreciative of my honesty and.

I really like that with companies because some of these companies you say one bad thing and I just like oh like they send you out the door they want to say you’re slandering their company and yada yada yada this was not the.

Case with them you know she was very.

Thankful she said you know I could have doctored the bundles up and since you you know make sure you had the best hair but she wants you know she wants a real feedback so she knows where to work on with her company and so she was very appreciative.

Because now she knows that as.

Far as the inspection process of inspecting her bundles you know she needs to make sure that the west are constructed well and so she was happy with with.

That feedback because the hair quality is not the issue the hair quality is the bomb it’s just the the West that at least that I receive just had some issues so that was really the only problem that I had I washed.

This hair pretty much once a week and it was very low-maintenance the only thing that I would do because I would let it dry naturally most of the time the other thing that I would do was twist the hair at night and then you know put a satin cap on um and that worked very very very well um it was just very very low maintenance and then I did.

Straighten this hair as I mentioned in my update video and I didn’t really care for the way it straightened it didn’t get a.

Sleek and straight as I would have liked it to be so you know I just prefer to wear it curly while I was wearing it it did curl pretty.

Well I didn’t have any issues in that area I mean it.

Did hold the style very well but most of the time the natural curls.

Of this hair were so beautiful I just wore it you know after washing I would just wash and go and let it dry and the name of this hair is Brazilian loose wave but to be completely honest it actually seems more curly than wavy like once you wash it the hair actually seems like ringlets um so that was another thing that.

I wanted to mention and but otherwise that’s pretty much it I don’t think that this hair is bad besides the shedding that was the only issue I had otherwise um I loved it I loved.

The quality I love how natural look I got many compliments on it many of you comment on my Instagram pictures complimenting me on and asking me how it was holding up and the holds are.

Fine I would just you know make sure that my whiffs were were decent before wearing this hair but otherwise that’s it if there’s anything I missed just please feel free to leave your questions and.

Comments below don’t want to go on too long on this video um so this is natural hair boutique natural beauty hair boutique thanks for watching guys.

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