Easy Egg Substitute For Baking & Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie

Hey everyone today I’m gonna show you how to make this awesome brownie cookie with cookie dough ice cream it is vegan so for the cookie brownie bars I will be using Annie’s organic cookie brownie bar baking mix and I have never used this before so this will be a trial experience and the recipe does call for eggs and.

Butter so for the eggs I’ll be using this powdered egg replacer and for the.

Butter I’ll be using Earth Balance buttery spread and all of these ingredients are vegan first I.

To 350 next I need to mix the brownie mix together with two tablespoons of water melted butter and my egg replacer for the egg I need 2 tablespoons of water which I already have in the bowl and one and a half teaspoons of the egg.

Replacer powder which looks like this so I’m gonna go ahead and mix this together now.

And that’s all you do that’s equivalent to one egg so this is an egg.

That you would use in baking only you would not try to cook this up and make scrambled eggs or an omelet there is also a vegan alternative to scrambled eggs and omelettes but this is your baking egg replacer and.

I definitely recommend it it lasts a really long time as you see the bag is huge and you only need a tiny amount.

I have the quarter cup of melted butter and I’ve already added the two tablespoons of water so I’m gonna go ahead and mix together the brownie I’ve mixed it together as well as I could it’s still a tiny bit chunky but I have also gone.

Ahead and greased the bottom and the insides of the pan with vegan butter I’ve lined the bottom of the pan with the brownie mix and now I’m moving on to step three which is mixing together the ingredients for the cookie dough so it’s the cookie dough batter 2 tablespoons of water and softened pour the batter 2 tablespoons of water and the softened bar cookie-dough complete now I need to drop nine round tablespoons of the cookie dough batter onto the brownie mix in three rows it ended up being eight balls of cookie dough.

And now I’m on to step four to bake as directed and I’m using a smaller size pan so I’ll be baking it for 39 to 44 minutes so I ended up.

Leaving this in the oven for about 42 minutes and it does look done to me so I’m.

Just gonna let it cool and see if it’s delicious I am using so delicious dairy-free soy milk non-dairy frozen dessert gluten free cookie dough flavor as the ice cream so here’s the finished product and I did already taste it it’s pretty amazing so I would definitely.

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