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Hi guys I’m Michelle Keegan and as a Revlon ambassador I’m obsessed through makeup so today I’m here with Phil unique show you guys my everyday makeup look which in me is really natural really dewy and fresh so a broad base on I avoided my eyebrows just make it a little bit easier the base I’m using is Revlon Colorstay.

It’s got SPF 20 in which is brilliant there’s a lot of us to get to put sunscreen.

On which is very very important so.

A long day ahead of you and you want more of.

A long-lasting flawless base interest it is really really good its foundation its medium coverage we can also build on it it’s really easy to go on we’ve glide onto your skin on your eyes only to Zone on row down and a little bit goes a long way just get off brush I need to blend it until skin and it’s really easy to blend to and it’s not greasy or anything like that now I’m going to show you my makeup bag essential which I think makes such a difference to you face.

This is the insta blush and I think this is the key product I think it makes you look French I think you mean to look radiant and I love this because you’re built to collapse wit great about a little bit on my Apple my cheeks to help I always smile I also quit crave they were.

Not doing it where you smile I can’t talk gonna put any.

Cheeks don’t worry I’m gonna blend it all right and the other one right on the apples of your cheeks you don’t go all.

The way up pat your finger over it and it’s lens so either I think it because it’s made out of a.

Cream so it really really looks really natural so when I’m wearing makeup I always try to achieve the really fresh really glowy skin and to do that I do the imperfect highlighting stick which is very similar to the blush comes in a stick form it is not too thick its perspex for the Jimi phresh skin and the color just blends right into a kind of product I just use my fingers really easy to go on I put it where you can naturally get a highlight so.

Always in the cheekbones just put the blusher so you can see that already.

This line I think looks really.

Nice from fresh with a brow bone and then a mirror on either side of the brow down the center of the nose and.

Then on the Cupid’s bow so now I’ve gone to my go to products which is Revlon all in one mascara and this mascara lengthens it defines and as for you now I love this a love this product so much just because in the day you can wear like one layer night you can layer it all and with it comes a really small brush we chose it great from start brushes it.

Reaches every single lunch and he has in all the nooks and crannies.

It really open online so to finish off the.

Whole look is obviously the lips so I use ultra HD gel lip color and my favorite is desert on the because I prefer a nude look rather than a dark lip it’s really easy to apply it’s in a bullet so it’s cause I’m really easy also it’s really.

Moisturizing I normally wear lightly lip balm something but business perspex is got moisturizing ingredients in the bomb itself and apply that day is a tablet first yeah look together basically the night as well it smells gorgeous done so guys that’s it that’s my everyday makeup look I hope you like it and I hope you enjoy watching the video you can shop any of these products that feel unique let me know what your favorite Revlon presence is let me know your favorite shade I’d love to.

Know okay let’s look guys must.

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