Bambino's Baby Food, Zoi Food For Life, On Anchorage Channel 11 News (2014-03-19)

Fighting obesity begins with establishing good eating habits at at an early age one local business owner is using her medical background and her love for cooking to battle obesity in Alaska before it becomes an epidemic and she’s doing it with natural and nutritious baby food joining me now is Zoey morones the founder and owner of bambinos baby food.

Welcome good morning thank you for having me nice to have you here we’re.

Going to start with the baby food because you have two.

Different lines here so tell us about the baby food and what it is exactly well I start with the essential carrots onions celery potatoes and then I start with that you can make the healthy nutritious and flavorful meals and adding different carbohydrates so it’s a perfect balanced meal with protein carbohydrates and vegetables all in one okay now we’re going to talk about the numbers because the reason you came up with this is because the numbers.

Alaska am I correct yes one in third of the children in Alaska already in the past or obese already and according to our.

WIC developments is forty percent of the children entering WIC are already obese Wow forty percent that’s startling native even for any parent just to hear so part of your.

Bambinos is to help spread the word that you can get natural and organic foods yes we can get natural organic foods they can taste good so you can keep your children enticed and then I also make them in well one thing that’s unique about them is that they’re frozen instead.

Of George self stable products so.

You can remove how many cubes you’d like per child they want one ounce two ounces according to what their diet is you remove how many cubes thaw them out and then they can enjoy and I make it a little extra special by making them stars or different shapes to enjoy and.

Entice your child and we should say that everything is FDA and pediatrician approved yes.

Without a hard process it was challenging but we’ve made it and it was quite nice because we had their support they were very intrigued.

With the nutritional contact and the nutritional value and most importantly the flavor once you have the flavor then you can add these nutrition’s.

To your child’s diet without having to force feed them or get agitated that they won’t like it and if you have a healthy diet at the beginning and the salty sweet from the salt from them carrots or the onions onions are great source for sweetness and there’s.

So many vitamins that you typically wouldn’t think that onions had and not to be left out you also have a line for other family members Zoe’s food for life tell us about that and let us know where we can find all of this yes the Zoe food for life I.

Started doing a lot of gluten-free and it’s again it’s all natural like we do couscous where we do it the semolina which is not gluing three the Rye which is not gluten-free right and the gluten-free which is of garbanzo tapioca and assortments and then we also have the chrétien rusks which is a great source it’s a rye bread dense bread with nothing other than water in it and high source vitamins from the natural elements in the flowers ok and we can find it where you mentioned we are at UC Gaia’s right now in Midtown and.

We will be at the new natural pantry awesome very good and of course if you’d like some more information you can go to bambinos baby food com it’s at the bottom of your screen and get some more information you can also go to our website in the meantime thank you so much Zoe for joining us today very good information and happiness nice.

To have that alternative up next athletes use their heads and.

Feet in the Arctic winter games.

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