Wsu Study: Monsanto Finds No Glyphosate In Breast Milk?

You want to mention something else that happened today be I got a email from another supporters saying that the Washington State University scientist Michelle McGuire whose wife to mark McGuire who has monsanto ties um has done a study on 41 women and their breast milk and urine and found absolutely no glyphosate whatsoever in the breast milk and found.

Very low levels if but not a concern of life saying in their urine and so they’re saying and this this study was analyzed in a.

Monsanto lab and so and if he said that it was independently verified by another lab called convents convents or something like that we’ll be doing a response about this um but they’re they’re refusing to put out what they’re just they’re saying that there’s no white breast milk however a recent German study showed that there is glyphosate in breast milk they said tested 16 moms and I forgot how many of them had like stayed in their breast milk but they had levels two.

To four times higher than what’s allowed in.

Europe and what was found in America was 1600 times higher than what was allowed in Europe we had 166 parts per billion in our found in the breast milk in a mom from a mom in Florida who ate conventional food and in in Europe it was only you know point two or point four parts per billion and the allowable level is 0.

So so we we know though that there is glyphosate in breast milk we know that the form of testing.

That we had commissioned at the time was not the the best in the world but it was the best possible that’s what was possible to.

EPA was not protecting us they were not doing beifuss a testing the you know Monsanto had not done it the food manufacturers that are using it the 750 products that glyphosate is in on no one consider of doing this kind of testing so we stay-at-home moms with.

$1,200 and a couple of weeks did it and.

Found it and they can’t tell us that it’s not there they’re they’re just flying and we are going to have.

A formal response for them written up but right now my response is lies that’s it so we want to know what their of course their methodology was and what their level of detectability was because if their level of detectability was 200 or something.

Well then of course you didn’t find glyphosate in restaurant you know if your level of detectability has to be a.

Reasonable level um and and also who were the moms right what were they eating and uh you know all that sort of thing and and and were the moms were there was their breast milk actually correlate with their urine because we have information that it wasn’t so there’s some more stuff that’s going to come out I’ll be saying more about that but just know that we’re being attacked from all angles uh you know our credibility just because they want.

To protect their profits and um the main thing that I’d like to say about that is look to the money look who is commissioning the studies and what they stand to benefit from it me as a mom that I extended that any that event it benefit anything from that no I didn’t I’m not getting a salary from an organic company none of the moms who donated their breast milk and spent forty.

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