How To Remove Writing On Plastic Containers

Hey everyone its honesty again I’m still sick so you’re not going to see me um if pat you on a pan to the left Carson is joining us this evening for this quick little tutorial eating some M&Ms can you say hi Carson – enough good job okay so tonight um tutorial if you will is more of a a.

Tip and did you know so I would say that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to containers of things to.

Get at the store you know Country Crock yogurt sour cream.

I believe in saving everything because I figure it can be used for something but what I don’t think a lot of people realize is these containers that we get from the store with all the lovely writing in it oh yeah it’s all gone yeah all of the um yeah okay the writing and one.

Chomik olives on the outside don’t have to remain that way 97 scent bottle of equate nail polish remover a napkin ah oh my I got a little.

Elbow grease into this one and you can remove the writing now I’m going to get this a little bit wetter the ones on the lid are easier to remove because they’re not put on as thick so when you’re going to work on a larger container like this it’s best to probably not use the throwaway napkins for McDonald’s but your thicker ones that regardless make sure it’s good and wet cuz you want.

It kind of soggy if it’s dry it’s more scrubbing if it’s kind of sloppy and when it doesn’t take as much work but as you can.

See my writing is coming right off oh yeah we have to buy some more yeah all right look.

At more so I can show you how it looks there you go that is Louisville yeah your good.

Thing to know today and hopefully you like me will enjoy many more of these little plastic catch all’s without having to.

Be reminded that the calories we adjusted with it thanks.


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