Green House Effect Definition,meaning Video For Kids

Very very bad very very bad you bad human do you know why you were punched in the face okay let me tell you you were punished because you are causing global warming do you know what global warming is but first clean your tears take this hankie to understand global warming you first need to understand the greenhouse effect do.

You know about the greenhouse effect.

Oh you’re thinking about a house which is green hmm don’t act like a stupid there are a few gases in atmosphere like carbon.

Dioxide methane nitrous oxide these are called greenhouse gases these greenhouse gases are good if they are in right quantity these greenhouse gases form a layer around earth.

When rays of sun come and fall on earth some of them.

Are absorbed by earth but most of them reflect back to the atmosphere these reflected rays reach upper atmosphere their.

Greenhouse gases take most of the heat from these rays some of the heat goes.

Into space the heat captured by greenhouse gases spreads in every direction these heat which has been trapped by greenhouse gases helps to keep our earth warm if heat of Sun is not stopped by these greenhouse gases our earth would freeze an average temperature would be 18.

Degrees Celsius so these gases are good for Earth’s survival otherwise plants animal and we humans would have no life here this.

Stopping of Sun heat to keep earth warm is called greenhouse effect so greenhouse gases are good they trap the heat so they help earth to have nice temperature so that we all can live here happily do you know what we humans are doing we are increasing the amount of these greenhouse gases we have.

Smoke coming out of vehicles smoke coming out of factories in this smoke there is a lot of methane lot of carbon dioxide which.

Are greenhouse gases also do you know trees and plants breathe in carbon dioxide gasps thus reducing it from atmosphere and.

Keeping a balance of greenhouse.

Gases but unfortunately we are cutting trees too so there are less plans to absorb greenhouse gases but more cars and factories to increase these gases when these greenhouse gases become more and more in atmosphere the layer of.

These gases become more and more thick so when some rays come down and get reflected back by earth they reach this thick layer of greenhouse gases all these heat rays get trapped nothing goes up in the space temperature is increasing earth is becoming warmer this is called global warming so now you know why you got punched you like all of us are also responsible for global warming oh it is too hot.

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