Important Info On How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair Growth

Hi YouTube my name is drew and you’re watching Drew’s obsessions if you didn’t already know I’m doing a video a day for the month of November to bring awareness to mental issues and to showcase my moustache growth as well as a few other of my obsessions today I’m going to share a product with you guys that is really.

Interesting now aside from just being a very healthy thing to drink it also has tremendous hair growth benefits so what am I talking about well.

Apple cider vinegar of course let’s talk a little bit more about this apple cider vinegar number one it balances hair pH in other words it safeguards against fungal and bacterial growth this could be a cause of dandruff and hair loss number two it has cleansing properties often when we use things like shampoos.

And conditioners gel and sprays these products start to build up on our scalps apple cider vinegar helps to remove these and restore your natural shine number three apple cider vinegar is a detangler and before it improves shine using apple cider vinegar as a rinse helps to reflect light and improve shine.

Number five stimulation apple cider vinegar helps to simulate better blood circulation which encourages hair growth and helps prevent hair loss the blood carry is essential nutrients to hair follicles which strengthens the roots and promotes growth and number.

Six it helps to prevent split ends and breakage naturally it removes tangles closes cuticles improves porosity and encourages stronger strands now these are all great benefits that you can receive when you’re applying apple cider vinegar externally of course there are a lot more benefits to be had by mixing.

It in water and drinking it daily good luck with this.

Stuff though it tastes awful thanks for watching you guys and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you can stay tuned for tomorrow’s video Oh before I forget I am.

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