Lbcc – "an Introduction To Islam", Presented By Professor Tahir Aziz

Good afternoon my name is doctorpiracy sabes I teach are complete office studies sabes Iteach most in computer science department I’ve been teaching govern usto I would say this is Paul fear I eat to each year for as a full-timefaculty in four years before I my full-time position I was a park infaculty I I teach most programming languages buttad.

Like have mary has mentioned that I I’m a practicing Muslim end up like toshare some other information I have with you I I’ll sum up they are a specific areasthought we were.

Hoping that that this will set up a much quicker can be good NBC’s oh yeah good yep we apologize so that we are few minutes behind at of the next fewseconds we’ll have up many think right so this is some this is the.

Topicguy in fact the topic you have in your the fly it’s called up the influence sothe role used invest in cultures and it isamazing that to how these three major religions are intertwined I’m referring to Judaism ChristianityIslam in fact up are I these are Abrahamic religions hotcock in more detail once I get to thosetopics %uh let’s get.

Going to get started I’ll talk about the in this position our what is now means what all Muslims areand that some of the other terms we.

Use in our culture and society ice notactually means slam is a collection of two words a sell more and a slumber it means peace acquired by this by submitting to a lotallies the word from Doc I love.

Basically means all means gotItalian means that lot means and jewish in christian peopleuse to even before Islam as well jewish in fact that many of the reports yethallelujah is actually used to be hallelujah theword from a lot and that’s the word used.

By JewsJewish people in christian people as about the same word using many other religions are slightly different a style as well so allies not a different words justmeans that I but because Muslims do not believe anyother I dd8 the the only strictly.

Believe one guy so they prefer to call.

Use theword a lot instructing God because God can beyou misused by fob mother guard of either guard or youknow godfather and all those different terms and wasn’t preferred use the work a lot that represents inevery language this see me are Muslims have very wanna wannaget his stick which means that under any circumstance any picture anyare I bill or any even desires your.

Desirescannot be placed nobody can beat Canada is good kings or rulers cannot be based I’ll wear we actually get to the closeto the level.

Of worship for Muslims a very very strict this is the heart ofthis long in Islam the most important thing is one God in fact that one-dot is the most important conceptMuslims also believe that it’s the same message sent from Adam.

To Bahamas the same exactmessage sent by IP every single profit and.

You’ll see someother profit 17 Ron as well solo home what was up peacebe upon we don’t seem to harm either we don’t save geez it’s in fact it’s a city in Islam just to saygeez is we say peace be upon him Abraham peace be upon him because we aregive the highest respect these profits.

In fact the many Muslim countries it’s acrime to malign geez is already a pro him orMoses or say make videos up for about them it’s amajor major could be a major crime those.

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