Cooking For A Meal Train!

Good mornings afternoon whatever him in my garage I am wearing pajamas and a switcher to go pick up my grocery order so jack is really moody again I don’t blame her but um I two weeks ago signed up to do on a website called mail train and swear you make meals for people just how to baby are doing.

With cancer a death anyways you sign up for a meal slot and then you deliver it and my my meal slot is tomorrow it’s really cool like the I don’t really know the girl that well I’m doing it.

For her she went to high school with me and I like vaguely I like vague I remember her but it’s very like vaguely if we had any kind of like friendship but her son who’s like four.

Has leukemia and he’s going through chemo so what I saw they were doing.

This meal train thing I saw not a lot of people signed up for me and stuff so I was like I’m going to make her a meal I’ve got to drop it off like kind of.

But near my dad’s area so it’s not too bad but it’s really cool like if they’re not home or whatever like be so basically like so this would be nice when I had a babysit because I didn’t really want to.

Be around people and I didn’t.

Really want the dogs to be stressed out so like people visiting and bringing you a meal was really an option for us I.

My privacy after something like that and I didn’t realize with this you can just put a cooler on your porch and people can put the meal in there so you never have to see people anyways but I just I don’t know so I feel really heartbroken for her so his name is Jackson also and it’s just really sad I can’t even imagine going through that like with my.

Child so I felt like compelled to make a meal for that but Jackson does not let me go to the grocery store like at all so moody would be like a nightmare so we are put in a grocery order for the stuff I need to make this meal so I’m going to go pick it up hopefully some coffee – I couldn’t.

Even sit real close on today all my pyro is bad I’m like it’s that time of month and I’m so bloated and.

So miserable I was like you know what I.

Don’t care I’m not putting on real clothes I’m not getting Alucard doesn’t matter I have a bra on all the matters right.

I thought I was gonna put clothes on because I did my makeup and the day start going downtown but all right let’s go do this you know my grocery order coffee Jackson skinnier and already and they give you.

Free bakery cookies or they make fresh every morning so poised for a target because oh my god this hair loss look at my postpartum hair coming through here now it’s like coming out my ears hmm do you see it no do you see this it’s like badness I got Michelle Duggar hair up here so meaning bread so the one thing.

I’m a little upset about Micro shorter which is like man is whatever they used to do if they didn’t have the item that was listed even though they’re only supposed to show items on the website that they have in stock.

They would call me like hey we don’t have that can we substitute it with this and that was great but now it’s grown so much because like I mean using that.

H-e-b it was the original beta test.

One they did and before even like Walmart and then rolled out like there are things if you guys with me for a long time yelled out I was doing it since like the very beginning of my pregnancy using it so in Jackson’s almost one so almost two years um so yeah these.

Two call me like we don’t have that but we have this now it’s like allow substitutions and like you check the box my problem with that is I’m.

Like last time I did that they substituted like wooden type of nut milk with a completely different one now just like a different brand but the same thing and they don’t call you to see if it’s okay so like I didn’t want this salad I needed like the lettuce and stuff that I needed for the salad to be like a completely different kind so we had to go to another store tonight but I’m going.

To make this pasta dish that I always make when somebody passes away or somebody has a baby or somebody needs I guess food and it does contain me and like I.

Vegetarian I don’t cook meat in our house I don’t really bring me into the house at all Justin eats meat outside the house occasionally but in.

This kind of circumstance I don’t expect people to eat vegetarian you know what I mean like I’m not crazy like I don’t expect them to eat some like vegetarian meal or their kids too if they’re not used to it if that makes sense so I’m making them this pasta dish and salad and I’m gonna bake some cookies and I have some garlic bread for them to just heat.

In the oven and then I got my gardener has a casserole made I was going to bake it I’ve got I’m making ours both mushrooms instead of meat I was going to bake it but like you basically already cooked of meat in the stuff that could be dangerous and then you bake.

It in the oven so I’m thinking I’ll just leave it like this.

So it’s more fresh when she bakes it because she’s gonna have to reheat it anyway you.

Know so I figured this would be best so yeah that’s the casserole and I also made homemade buttermilk ranch dressing for them for the salad and I still gotta make cookies when I’m finishing our dinner now supposed to be pretty simple so I buy scratch bread from our bakery.

Because everything’s from scratch I like it plus I coat it but you if you don’t you’re not into organic you can use Campbell’s tomato soup tomato sauce tomato soup like some kind of round pasta like this doesn’t really matter oregano.

It’s a really simple recipe I’m going to show you guys in a second partial recipe card if you want I’ll.

Leave it in the description box below to you but then over here I have the mushrooms that I just cook with a little bit of I cook them down with some rooster sauce with what we call it organic Colby jack and then you would just cheese it and put it into the oven I am done didn’t you just love my postpartum hairdo I’m telling you that Michelle Duggar look anyway so I.

Am all I should be left us bake their cookies I’m going to do that after we eat because I need to see Jackson because he is going to be hungry.

Soon I’m ready for bed and then I’ll make their cookies making just chocolate chip cookies posing a sir oh yeah just because I will include the recipe just in the description box below and I just a myth onions because not everyone likes onions Justin hates them so I’m just like when I make a.

Generic dish like that for you know family reunions barbecues when somebody passes away with somebody has a baby anything like that somebody sick it’s like I was just going to leave the onions out just in case they hate onions too so I’ll leave in the description box below but mine doesn’t have onions also there’s a misconception just because something’s organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy I’m not saying this is a healthy dinner cause y’all saw all the.

Organic stuff like things can be organic and still bad for you and cake Organic cookies you know.

So I choose to use organic products because well you know I it might not be the healthiest dish in the world having extra chemicals in my food makes it even worse a.

Lot of people I heard somebody say they think like organic is just a way for people to spend more money they don’t I don’t think that I think they were realizing they were thinking like they’ve heard people say natural if something says natural it absolutely doesn’t mean jack except they’re.

Trying to jack up the prices if something is pesticide free certain chemicals or banned hormone free it’s going to have to say USDA Organic so I just want to put that.

Out there just if something said if that said natural tomato soup a big that’s just get the Campbell stuff you know so I made their stuff organic too just because you know their sons going through chemotherapy and yeah just less chemicals in his body the way I look at it.

I realized I accidentally put the wrong cheese in the shopping cart so they’re cheese isn’t but you know um.

So yeah just gotta make those cookies I don’t know I think this thing is really cool you just go drop it in their cooler like I’m going to go drop it off tomorrow and the cooler on their porch and I wish I had known about this when.

Steve died for those either new crystal my best friend that y’all seen in my vlogs vici was nine months pregnant her husband Steve passed away right before Liam was born of an aortic valve rupture he was my age and healthy and he was like thin.

And healthy and is just like some horrible thing that happened to her and it sucks because they dealt with infertility too and Liam is an IVF baby so for her like she could have.

Really used something like this and I wish I’d known about this website called mule train like you just go cyan’t you use like so these sets it up for you and then it runs itself people just sign up so I don’t know it’s.

Great and it like has been sending me reminders and stuff it’s really cool so I wish I had known about that one you’ve passed away because then I could have set that up so people were working the meals actually cooked this meal for her but like a lot bigger because they had a lot more people over there so I’m gonna you guys.

Baby I would check it out or I had just never heard of it until I saw it posted on Facebook I was like what is this something like I could do that for them I can make him a meal so do.

You guys remember William Hung from American Idol she banged cheap eggs I’m living.

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