July Garden Update! So Many Veggies!

Well the garden has finally popped and we are actually getting some real harvest so today I’m going to show you how everything’s doing so it is time again for one of my monthly garden updates and I’m super excited to show you how everything is doing this month because we are actually getting some food out of this thing we’re.

Finally at the point where things are really getting into production and we’re starting to get to the front of what should be a lot of really great harvests for this season and in today’s update I’m gonna be showing you some of the highlights of what is going on.

Out here we’re not going to go through everything a little thing because that would take a really.

Long time but if you do want to see more of the garden then make sure that you are following me on Instagram and snapchat because those are two places where I update throughout the month and really show you what’s going on how things are progressing and I get to show you some of my harvest now that we’ve gotten all of that intro stuff.

Out of the way I’m going to take you around the garden and show you what’s.

Growing so first I wanted to give you an update on the squash situation because I did talk about the squash plants and the squash bug invasion and the last garden update if you.

Missed that I will link it for you but as you can see the squash plant is still alive but the squash bugs are gone I’ve been coming out here every single night and removing them I don’t know if any of them will show their faces right.

Now so you can see but I come out.

Here at least once a day and take them off now they have been attacking but the plant is still alive and we have gotten one squash off of it so we’re getting something um.

You can see there’s one right here there was the first one that came on they killed that one but you know the plants still doing well and we’ve got another fruit so hopefully.

It’s going to make it if I just keep being vigilant about getting them out of here and then we.

Will get more squash production as the season goes on next let’s talk about tomatoes because you know that I like to call myself the hashtag tomato clean because I love them and we have over 50 plants out here in the garden this year so you know it’s kind of a big deal these.

Are the Mexico midget tomatoes they are the first one to ripen every single year and this year was no different they’re very very small as you can see so that tends to be why they’re the first to ripen and we have even more down here.

Be able to harvest tonight so I like to plant this one because the tomatoes are really tasty but it also gives us some tomatoes a little bit before some of the other plants aside to.

Come along and give us some fruit some of the other Tomatoes are finally.

Starting to ripen though so here we have the purple bumblebees just as my first year growing these and as you.

Can see we have a couple of.

Those and we can pick one right now and I will show you what they look like so we have a few of these plants and this tomato is pretty cool because it’s got this like green and red stripe thing going.

On so I really thought that was pretty and that was one reason I.

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