Top 8 Formula Feeding Must Haves And Essential Bottle Feeding Items

Hi everyone in this video I’m looking at my top eight baby products that I use in my kitchen okay number one baby product in my kitchen is the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine and here’s how it works you select the number of ounces you want to make and press the button it dispenses a hot shot of water at.

70 degrees Celsius here it’s set for 4 ounces we have two minutes to add the formula and press the button again otherwise it starts beeping you can scoop in your formula or I use the Tommee.

Tippee milk butter pots I pre make four scoops and have them ready to go so I just have to shake it in when the formulas in give the bottle swirl to mix the formula with the water press the button.

Again it dispenses cold filtered water and when it’s finished the bottle.

Of the perfect temperature for your baby I actually have two of these one upstairs for nighttime feeds and one.

In the kitchen there’s even one at Grandma’s I could not live without it I’m hitting it the best.

Baby invention of all time it is so easy to use well designed you can make a bottle in the dark with it this machine lets you.

Know when there’s something wrong with it it shows a red light at the side and if it’s out of water if it needs cleaning if it needs a new filter if the water’s too hot it lights up in @lg you can make a minimum of four ounces or a maximum of 11.

And this 4-ounce bottle took me less than a minute and half to make next up is the dr.

Brian’s bottle warmer the bottle warmer has a really easy-to-use timer and you can set.

The timer for up to 5 minutes and.

It holds the last time in memory provided you don’t switch it off by the plug.

The timer counts down and beeps when ready the bottle warmer fits the mom bottles as well if you’re using them and I haven’t tried with any.

Other bottles aside from dr. brine because I generally use it to heat up breast milk using the medulla bottles next.

Is the first-years spinning drying rack after I wash and sterilize the bottles this is a great place to put them to dry off the teats go on the top and the bottles just hang on the spokes and there’s a tub in the middle for the.

Bits and pieces this is the axle top bottle drying rack I use this for all the other bits and bobs like my breast pump stuff the dr. Brown blue things medical syringes forma tubes etc etc it’s easy to clean and it’s handy for putting all the other stuff that I don’t know where to put.

This is the clever mama microwave soother sterilizer you can put water in the bottom of it and stick it in the microwave to sterilize the soothers I just use it as a place to hang the.

Put them in sterilize it with the bottles it’s just and you’re like that this is the clever mama formula mixer my baby was on a thicker comfort milk so I use the mixer to thin it down a bit otherwise the formula we get stuck in the teat next is the Phillips out oven three-in-one sterilizer it’s a great size you can fit a lot of stuff in here and I like the fact that it comes apart so.

If I only have a few things to wash I can just put the top on I use the Tommee Tippee sterilizer with my first baby and it’s pretty good as well the problem with these sterilizers is cleaning them it’s just a pain like I use white vinegar every couple of days and like with a newborn this thing is on three times a day and it gets dirty so quickly so comment below if you have the.

Same issues that I have so thanks for watching and please subscribe for more video reviews check out the links below and check out the.

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