Dailybread Freeze Dried Food Review Part1

Alright we’re going to try some of this daily bread chicken ala king sample that we got in the mail from daily bread com so they sent us the sample and this nice pamphlet and has a lot of other interesting information here about their all of the other offerings it’s very nice very nicely done he’ll plan some prices and.

Things that I that’s very very well done here’s the back some more information about estimated cost.

Of storage so I just wanted.

To try this sample a saint is kind of like mountain house in the other prepared.

Pre-prepared my bag foods so you just add three quarters of a cup of water to this one so we’re going to boil some water and then we’re going to come back and just put this in and then we’re going to taste it see how it tastes solve the nutrition information that’s very good that they give you all that alright so we’re going to boil some water on our Trangia stove and we’ll.

Come back when we’re ready to.

Add that and then cook it up alright so we’re going to light our stove and.

We’ve got our water here three quarters of a cup will fit in the smaller stove here still pot and put that on.

Just let that boil away and when it’s boiling then we’re going to put it into the package all right so.

While our water is getting a boil we’re.

Going to open this package see what’s inside it the dry let’s see what God so oxygen absorber there’s a lot of looks like dehydrated chicken and noodles in there let’s see a bunch of other little seasoning vegetables and herbs and things see how it smells well done smells pretty good.

So we’re gonna get ready soon as our water gets going here couple more minutes all right so we got a little bit time to go over the daily bread difference wide variety of entrees delicious.

Flavor quality ingredients 25 years storage hundred percent natural meet real freeze-dried eggs authentic cheese freeze-dried process used preservation lunch and dinner entrees are ready by just adding water so easy to prepare this freeze-dried meals and they have a selection here breakfast lunch and dinner and let me explain more here this is quite nicely done 90-day six-month and one-year plans compared sorry about the glare from the.

Light they’re trying to minimize that so then they.

Show the servings per package for their breakfast lunch and dinner entrees dessert drinks and rice and then they also give you their prices for the 90-day six-month and one-year plans and then the other pages you’ve got some of their price.

Lists built in here I like that you can just see immediately how much everything is going to cost these are I believe the.

Number 10 cans like a case 6 cans there’s your vegetables rice and desserts let’s see what we’ve got over here you’ve got some of their supplies I’m kind of interested in this water barrel Canada filters water bottles desalination pouches water treatment drops I maybe can see supplies oops that was the timer going off we’re going to use that timer when we repair this.

And see how long it takes water is getting ready it’s just about boiling and we see some short-term and emergency kits these are interesting if you’re in a hurry to just get a kit ready to go bug out bag or whatever that looks interesting for t-day plan gluten-free 25-day vegetarian plan and use emergency add-ons very nice then they’ve got.

Some estimated costs analysis here and how much it might cost a rotate here food no rotation because it’s.

Freeze-dried so this is very nice I like this it’s very well done pamphlet that came with this sample I’m saying it’s about two dollars per vontrey for daily bread plans are designed for two adults just add water so I have here a chicken collard King it’s going to try with noodles so we.

Are getting close with the water.

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