Incredible Images From Jupiter

Hey guys on this episode I’ll be showing you some incredible images from Jupiter in recent months Cassini has been getting all the attention from orbiting Saturn meanwhile the Juno spacecraft has been a living Jupiter and sending back some incredible images the Juno spacecraft left earth on August 5th 2011 it did a deep-space loop before hooking onto Earth’s gravity.

For one big slingshot all the way out to Jupiter the trip took 5 years where Juno traveled 2.

7 billion mile Juno arrived at Jupiter on July 5th 2015 and has been continually snapping pictures.

Since has been there these images are uploaded to the Juno spacecraft website where anyone can take a look at them or do any processing.

To them admission is flying to have Juno orbit Jupiter 37 times over 20 months the cross was planned to switch from a 53 day orbit to a 14 day polar orbit but due to an issue with the main engine that plan was aborted and I don’t think they’re gonna send a technician out there to fix Juno any time soon the Juno.

Spacecraft mission cost all in with build launch and Mission Control at around 1.

1 billion dollars – pretty expensive price to pay but we’re not just getting.

Images from Jupiter there’s numerous scientific instruments on Juno that measures all sorts of things from radiation to infrared gravity you name it the images you’ve been seeing during this video have been processed color enhanced or added just to give it a more realistic or interesting representation of Jupiter just so you can see.

The difference here are some raw photos from Juno’s camera and just for fun I processed one of the images myself what do you guys think about all the deep space explorations we know the comments below you think it’s a waste of money or do you think it’s definitely worth it I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like.

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