Babies React To Their Parents Singing | The Funniest Baby Reactions Compilation

ABCD 1 I wonder where you put No thank God train so radio dad how I wonder where you park no hi don’t wanna be anymore I remember matter into your heart this letter [Applause] jingle bells jingle bells jingle it is to open by Billy IO b5 busy IOP by busy i/o happy birthday to you happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear ‘when my only sunshine you make me happy with your green your damn burger m.c better watch out you better watch out you might fall in flight ha snow okay fly.

Your plane up I Love You God I must’ve called a thousand times to.

Tell you what so breaking your heart come on let’s go and play I never see you anymore ha ha he’s gone away w-why happy birthday Jake okay okay are you rolling it daddy playing with you Garrity me ma-ma-ma-ma-ma [Applause] all night long baby okay.

Just kidding are you kidding and would see all night no baby don’t reprimand them take a little star how I wonder why [Laughter] my VI nu VI ng FB I NGO and bingo was his name-o so.

Please don’t take my sunshine away cuz mommy love you and I wanna keep you in my life Oh Edwin so what’d you say me Delta dawn what’s that flower you happy birthday happy birthday hey if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands it’s up here you know it.

Clap your hands every time you know it and your face is really showing if you’re happy here.


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