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How to study in six simple steps space make room mentally and physically for studying usually you’re studying for something specific such as an exam this can seem daunting like a mountain to climb if this sounds familiar take a deep breath and pause for a moment before you start think of how you make yourself comfortable when you do something.

You really enjoy like watching a favorite television program how do you settle in for the show do you scroll.

Or curl up do you have favorite relaxing clothes do you choose the.

Particular drink or something to nibble borrow all these favorite things to make your studying a better experience if you’re in a good space physically you can improve your mental space place create your own personal work zone it doesn’t have to look like a work space that’s what many students find out putting building on what you did in the previous paragraph make the place your own and somewhere you enjoy base find the right pace for your.

Work sprinters work hard and.

Fast in a burst of energy while marathon runners spread the load and build slowly.

Towards the climax there’s no right or wrong way to base your studying except what works for you.

Notice the way you like to work and adjust your pace accordingly whether you have bags of time or a brief study period remember that breaks are just as important as active study ten minutes off for every 30 minutes of study.

Works for many people and use those breaks to reward yourself with a small treat memory it helps to know how your memory works here is the key to memory in any sequence people remember the first and last things best whatever you try to remember you’ll find yourself recalling the beginning and the end with less clear memories of the middle method it’s always good to have a plan however big.

Or complex your task may look at first sight with a.

Feasible plan you can always find a way to manage it when studying break your biggest goal into smaller chunks or tasks it’s best if.

Consists of a single topic often you’ll discover one or two key elements that stand out and get fixed in your mind you can then use those as building blocks mind maps a mind map.

Is rough diagram that you can make the visually outline information you can create a mind map by starting with the primary word or phrase.

Of a topic in the center with related lesser categories branching out from it subcategories of these are on smaller.

Still your categories can consist of anything you think is important they can be important terms ideas or tasks to complete whatever you need to help you study or organize.

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