Learn About Planet Earth – Structure Of Earth

Structure of Earth let’s see what the earth is made of Earth has three distinct layers and each of these layers has its own properties the outermost layer of the earth is the crust this is the part of the earth we live on the crust comprises of the continents and ocean basins the crust has a variable thickness being more.

Less in the ocean basins the crust is composed mainly of aluminum silicates the next layer is the mantle which is composed mainly of.

Iron magnesium and silicon it is about 2900 kilometers thick and is separated into the upper and lower mantle this is where most of the internal heat of the earth is located the last layer is the core which is separated into the liquid outer core and the solid inner core the outer core is 2300 kilometers thick and the.

Inner core is 1,200 kilometers thick the outer core is composed mainly of a nickel iron alloy while the inner core is almost entirely composed of iron Earth’s magnetic field is believed to be controlled by the liquid outer core do you know it takes six thousand three hundred and fifty-five kilometers to reach the center of the earth.

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