Free Baby Samples – 100% Free

Quick video of all these awesome things that I’ve gotten for free so far for my baby I’m due in May as I’m looking one two three four five six seven eight nine ten full-sized canisters of formula completely free he’s also completely free I’ve gotten like little bags and coolers these are diapers wipes breastfeeding products little carrier for the.

Wipes and no a bottle and all this stuff honestly I got it for free from registering at places I got it for free well with the baby expo different places like that these.

Kind of freebies I put on my mom channel because I feel like that’s kind of where it belong so if you’re interested and you’re getting this stuff for free I’ll link.

These these things in the description bar below but definitely if you’re going to have a baby even if you’re not a baby shower register because you get so many free things and free baby Expos with free stuff is amazing so the are expose are and I know in anyway thank you guys for watching subscribe for.

Couponing and all that randomness and I will put a.

Link to my channel below if you’re interested and this and how I got a car seat for 40 bucks brand-new super excited by awesome.

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