Baby Talks To A Ghost!!

Our guide lying and after fry but we felt them said red whining your breath the hi Oh on for real okay before this video begins I gotta explain where the title just came from so this video first started off that I was picking up my daughter and I was gonna talk to her about starting school and this was.

About basically her gonna start this process of going to preschool my daughter is two and a half years old her name is Amira rain she’s right here see I’ve been she’s also known as me so to the world that is.

The nickname that her mom and I gave to her and that everyone calls her if you don’t watch the vlogs basically she talks a lot in her own language and I translate that for you.

A lot of the time it’s what she really is saying and some of the time it’s kind of just really off but I try to match as much as I can when I’m editing to what she’s saying a lot of the time I like make things.

Up but for some reason when I was editing today I had a really weird vibe on like what she was talking to who she was looking at and when I was sucked when I was translating it seemed like.

To somebody each time and it was really really weird I just want you guys to watch and I want you.

Guys to tell me because I feel like it’s really weird because also if I can be very very very very honest I have actually a clip of something that happened really weird the other day and I’ll play that right now for you guys yo my heart is.

Beating fast like Rocher hey thanks family okay I have a motion-activated sink in my kitchen and you have.

To put your hand in front of it for it to turn on you have to put your hand back in front of it for it to turn off we’re sitting down we’re talking on my couch in my living room and everyone that’s in the house.

Is in the living room right now and it turns on the sink turns.

On randomly five to ten seconds and then turns back off so that was really weird and then we’re talking about it like yo that’s.

Really weird if you’re really here having it oh we’re like if you’re really here do it again and we’re making a jokes like.

As if like we’re gonna leave the house because it’s so weird and as my friend that’s on the behind and stands up it turns on again swear.

To God the weirdest thing and my heart drops my eyes immediately teared up and that’s what happens when I get really bad feelings and I the irony of it turning back on when we said turn on.

I wanted to happen again but I don’t want it to happen to him because if happens again then I’m really freaked out I feel like I should go check out the sink and see if there’s anything around it for the most essential to go off but I don’t want to mess what the scene say you do if you’re here do it again yeah dude that’s that’s dangerous bro you should have played like that no but it benefits you it’s already here now you turn.

On this sink again I don’t what I don’t know I don’t know their camera shines their cameras all over the besides the dirty dishes there’s nothing.

In front of my sensor so do that.

Under the sensor is right on top of this think I don’t want to touch it I’m not gonna touch it there’s a sensor on top of the.

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