Best 3 Free Samples By Mail Sites – Includes Free Baby Samples

Hi everyone i want to show you today the three best free samples by mail sites that are available i realize there are a lot of trash side so it took me some time to find the best ones do keep in mind that some of the companies that offer freebies by mel want some sort of return on investment so.

Don’t be put off if they require your name email phone number and address also i was.

Only able to find us specific sites for the most part there may be a couple of offers that.

Are blended in with other countries also be sure to check my description since there are a lot of different sites some go bad and after update them i’ll have the updated sites in the description below so without further ado the first sight is healthcast.

And it’s just some site with a lot.

Of articles on health somewhere on the site you’ll come to this offer page to sign up for free samples and what healthcast has done is they partnered with a.

Couple and a lot of different companies to market new products that they came out with now they don’t want to send samples out to people that can’t be in touch with them so you have to sign up for this and they mail you the offers some of the offers.

Are subpar like software and coupons while the other things like beauty products baby stuff and food tend to run out fast for some of the demographics but it depends.

Where you are your age your gender so just come here and fill it out this is in.

The description the second site is called hey it’s free net and there’s.

A link to that in my description like I said before this site was made by one guy and he goes out on the internet and he finds stuff that’s for free unlike help casts for a lot of the freebies you have to.

Go in and sign up for each one individually because they’re each their own company there’s a lot of.

Magazines redbox codes I saw coconut butter on here and pamper points for diapers what’s interesting is that he has a freebie offer section that shows what he got each month so the latest month he shows what he’s gotten like he said here he got Febreze Ovaltine carnation essentials yet some emergency which I buy a lot and then he has a lot of magazine examples ebony teen vogue’s been maxim i like this site because he has categories the only drawback is he.

Goes on vacation a lot so he doesn’t update as much as you’d like like for the children’s he did.

Update this month but some of these categories he hasn’t updated in like three or four months the third site is read it and it’s not just reddit com there’s a section on rabbit redhead that’s freebies that’s in my description as well and read it has more e freebies like it’ll say there’s a free free songs.

Free movie it’ll show you deals that are on itunes.

In the app store there are some that are in store coupons for free stuff but reddit is awesome because it’s just people posting what they find it’s not commercialized you don’t have to deal with people trying to sell stuff there are some people’s own stuff but.

Check out that in my extension and I’ll.

Be updating more as time goes on I don’t want to keep re uploading this video so I’m just going to change a description for new sites that I find and that’s it sign up for health cast check out the other two sites and have a good day.

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