Baby Alive Snackin' Lily – Feeding – Can She Eat It???

Hey guys it’s sunny and Lola and today we are introducing you to our snacking lily doll now before we get started I just want to tell you what happened with my snacking lily doll I actually bought her from Hasbro and I got her from the eBay store I’m gonna take her pinkie out and as you can probably see.

She has a little dent in her forehead and one of her eyes was messed up but they told me that I could either keep her.

Or give her way and she was just.

Too adorable so I decided to keep her but I do have a brand new snacking Lily that I’m gonna unbox soon that is a different skin tone so just stay tuned for that but today what are we doing Lola whoo.

We are going to attempt to feed our baby snacking Baby Alive Lily that’s a mouthful that was not.

Planned guys we’re gonna attempt to feed her these little items here we have some babies gerber graduate puffs in banana we have some honey nut cheerios and some fruit loop steps in some nerds and some.

M&Ms and skittles so Lola you’re taking over okay so I’m gonna go.

Ahead and clear this stuff out because we already have it you know we’re gonna get it ready into a little bowl to feed her their special spoon yeah let me show you guys a spin while I was studying up this spoon right here it’s really cute it’s got a strawberry on it when you put something on.

It this thing will move the item a little bit further back so she can swallow it a little bit easier so we do have a potty seat back here which Lily’s gonna sit on while Lola feeds it nobody we just don’t have to keep worrying about the diaper it’s really clean actually she does have to sit back a.

Little bit further okay so first we’re gonna feed her grat graduate gerber graduates puffs.

And they are sneeze miss Muriel a cereal snack and their banana flavored and they actually do taste good because Lola taste tested everything on here all right let’s see well Lily eat it it sounded like it sound like she’s something like Italy a little bit closer so we can see her Facebook and these.

The cool thing about her is it just kind of goes down like you don’t have to write down she was like it we’ll.

Have to see if it comes out the other side though here in just a second oh go mini voice you’re.

Hungry I think that’s probably enough okay and drumroll please don’t let’s see the.

Results go ahead there Lola do your lungs oh I don’t know oh oh there’s poopy but there’s no cereal but they’re losing your wait wait let me get this one okay let’s turn her up so we can see oh okay I’m sorry guys this is kind of gross okay it’s not coming out emergency we have a constipated baby Oh No and we’ll be right back yeah hold on a second guys I’m gonna go ahead and unclog a little miss Lily okay.

Guys we got poor miss Lily all straighten out and there’s some poo in there I mixed with the cereal we finally got out of her you can’t hear that right really you remind me clean.

Poo off eater and we’re baby Lily hey easy now don’t slam her down like I just did okay guys we’re gonna clean this up I know it’s just it’s gross this isn’t real poo it’s play-doh you might have the straight kids do not eat this at home this is not edible what we should have done in this matter we should’ve made it with uh what’s that stuff called tootsie rolls it’s not if this is play-doh so.

You don’t want yeah okay Lola okay make sure you lean her back so that she has yeah it’ll go through a little dignity.

Here cover that girl up okay so next we’re gonna feed these let me get a little closer so we can sync up next we’re gonna feed her some skittles which I’ve already tasted and it’s pretty good too you can taste the rainbow Lilly’s tasting the rainbow mm-hmm you think she needs two ones oh that’s a choking hazard for babies.

You know kids don’t do this at home not your baby brother baby brother boy I’m telling you I’m all time tied tonight no don’t do this here don’t think that’s probably plenty all right let’s.

See did Lilly eat it let’s check the potty oh yes we got them all except for the.

One low litter on the floor well you know okay here’s miss Lilly and she liked it yay.

Work well do we want to call the pups a win or not I think there’s a win it’s just the.

One that was stuck at the it yeah but it was ready to get them out okay so next don’t use a lot of those no don’t get them on the floor para boom what you just saw with nerds.

Actually I give you Rick I don’t think anybody saw them but you can see here.

You can see the okay well so now we’re gonna feed her nerd oh I want to do it I want to do it okay that’s early all right whoa these are hard to get on the spoon okay Lilly let’s see if you like nerds oh yes she.

Loves nerds look there she’s not wearing a diaper here we go that would be really messy dyed birth so far the Tufts and what was it skittles now nerds I think that’s up enough on the Nerds what starting let’s see how the Nerds.

Did let’s give her a shake just to make sure those are little small no we’re not gonna do that and there we go there’s a nerd system far I.

Think it’s been a success and Lily still looks pretty happy guys all right here you go woke up all night gosh Lola looks next I think we’re going to do M&MS next I’ll let you do M&MS so I don’t have all were leading up.

The mess of nerds okay yeah you need to clean up the Nerds and retrieve the skittle that got away what we doing next M&Ms not the rapper but the candy ah okay speaking of M&Ms well what’s your favorite color of M&M I like the green yeah I think my favorite is a blue but you gotta notice.

In this bowl I don’t see a single red one yes oh that’s orange I see orange it was like all these pretty red just ain’t the only yellow on in the bowl let’s see here how about another green one and another blue one awesome alright let’s check it out there Lola then you’re gonna do the next one give her a shake she still looks happy and who wouldn’t kid eating all this.

Candy and treats look at that came right out the baby so sorry that was random.

A little nerd fell out a little nerd fell out okay so do you want to free their free freighter do you want to feed their free loops are curious um I’ll do the Cheerios okay okay then I’m gonna feed her just use.

Your hand to feed the Froot Loops this time I don’t think it needs to thing thing is kind of messy I’m gonna put them in a bowl though because I’m a really she’s a messy eater obviously okay okay.

Oh that’s a double I can do that one let’s say that EE sir I haven’t feeling these are gonna.

Get stuck I eat you know oh no I think we should feed her the free loops and the Cheerios and then see the results funny okay yes there’s a.

Pebble here you want it now you go ahead and feed her the Froot Loops and I’ll throw the Cheerios in in between there we go I feel like a little kid like putting money in a bank baby love it though that sounds really weird I hadn’t heard anything.

Involved he hit the bowl it sounds like a bull.

Let’s just give her a couple more here and see all right you ready your heart you poor girl Lily you can’t be constipated this time a little bit their mistake come on girl you struggling a little bit if you can see Lola’s face right now this is not a real baby and.

It’s not real stuff get in her bum bum but it’s like oh it’s stuck it’s really stuck it’s really today let me let me okay we might need to do I’m wearing since the surgery what mommy Sonny take a look in here and see oh yeah it was that big blue one alright guys.

We’ll be right back we’re gonna unclog Lily I think this was a fail it was that darn fruit loop hold on okay guys we’re back we had to do is a Heimlich maneuver and Pat her on the back if you do ever get your.

Snack and lily doll stuck you can always get a screwdriver and open the back of her we didn’t have to do that we were able to successfully get her to spit it back up just by kind of turning her over and she.

Got well it wasn’t it wasn’t the Cheerios we think the fruit loops were failed a tree leaves yeah those those aren’t fruit loops were a fail that’s all we have for you today Lily here hopes that you’ll come back and see.

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