Fiber Rich Food Helps To Stop Constipation- How It Works

Fiber you will need 2 cups of fiber rich foods what you have to do eat at least two cups of foods rich in fiber in a day a few examples of such foods are whole grains brown rice boats broccoli apricots nuts apples potatoes and beans when you need to do this do this every day for long-lasting relief from.

Constipation how this works having optimum fiber content in your daily diet is very important concentrate on simple forms of fiber as.

Opposed to complex carbohydrates eat a varied diet that includes.

High fiber content in each meal fiber retains water and adds bulk to your stool making it softer and easier to pass also improve your snacking habits by eliminating complex carbohydrates and fried foods instead opt for salads whole-grain sandwiches and oatmeal cookies subscribe us to know more health tips and home remedies.

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