How To | Pack For Running Errands W/ A Toddler

There are so many scary things about being a mom but for me one of the worst things was going out to run errands with my baby alone I literally would avoid it at all costs but now I finally figured out what were the best things to carry with us in order to have successful errand runs and minimal amount.

Of Tears for me and baby so what are those.

Everything in my diaper bag but since Ellie turned one we got her this adorable backpack from skip hop the unicorn shedding unicorn.

Themed party and this is Elias bag so I’ll keep everything that I need to.

Entertain her in here I use my mommy hook to attach it to my stroller and then work off to do errands so I start off with certain things first and typically when I start off with and it’s in this front.

Pocket here our books and noisemakers so I.

Typically keep some books that are touch and feel we’re a bilingual household so she’s currently.

Learning Spanish so long if those types of books are available and should also make noise with them and feel the parts they’re nice and soft if she is not only learning language but textures as well I will add flashcards these are wonderful to do when you’re waiting at an appointment or something I just grab these off of Amazon and we’ll just run through flashcards so she.

Can learn cranky C’s start learning words I also will carry some kind of pin my mom left this for her and it’s just something that makes noise that she can throw around she’s learning how to open and close things put tops on and off and this picks up great.

Noisemaker I actually used it at one of her doctors appointments Tish needed an ultrasound of her heart and we were able to distract her pretty much the whole time – and she loves it and then I’ll move on to toys that I know have to make her think you’ll be entertained for a while so if you’re chief learning how to clip and unclip things it’s a great toy at night it’s often flush so this is great for the car as well keep them entertained.

I also got a tip recently on Instagram as I posted a photo asking what are some good tips for long distance trip some people said tape so I’m going to try that this time get some painters tape but for me I feel like the softest and see if that inner cancer for a while so books and noise maker or thinking toys are the things that I start with first number two and I think this is something every mom knows of you’ll figure it out.

Shortly next so I typically look carry a sippy cup and this is just the Munchkin one with the Strongs that’s what she’s currently drinking at it and I’ll just put water in there and then I will carry the empty receive bag we come in the cutest the cutest patterns so there’s a lot of patterns for you to to pick and I will keep sanitizing wipes because she is walking but she still falls over on public and I’m letting her just stretch her legs I make sure to wipe her hands when she’s.

Done and then we’ll carry some of our favorite bars so we like the happy times.

Both bars and I’m able to finish these if she doesn’t finish them they are it’s delicious and then the Earth’s best sunny days snack bars these are really good as well and some of the other things I’ll pack in a container we love the.

Happy baby creamy as I’ve talked about this before the happy baby super food munchies are also really good she loves these and I feel like they’d fill her up even more she’s finally.

Actually as I’m showing them and the last thing we typically will take our pups so snack bags are a great thing to have food if you’re breastfeeding go ahead and breastfeed them if they’re throwing a tantrum or whatever it may be it’s probably that they’re just hungry so next water breast milk bottle whatever it.

May be do you think the third thing I will take out.

Are some more toys so I always keep some type of block whether it be its fabric one or a rubber one or whatever it is kids love blocks so I keep those and then we recently got.

These for her birthday and they’re from the Manhattan toy company it’s just like a bracelet of little wooden balls and this keeps her entertained for quite a time as well.

The ground I could just put it on my wrist and go on my merry way so I absolutely love those and the last thing I’ll keep in her bag before my final secret weapon are pools of blankets you like to play with blankets and it is cold so I make sure to have them in her bag this one is from Stella and Lou.

I just love with their blankets so much and I love that you can customize them okay so we also carry our KC risky cover how beautiful is this pattern super cute and we use this for multiple things so you can use it as a breastfeeding cover you can use it as a blanket which I do quite often considers nice and thin I use it to put over our babies and stroller to create a little.

Bit of a security zone for fur or private-owned I should say so she could read or do whatever she wants in peace it also worked for us the other day when it was rainy and I didn’t have a cover or an umbrella so I just put this over the stroller and we were good to go before we got into the.

Keep this in her bag versus mine because she does like to play with it and it is part of Ellie’s stuff I also keep a change of clothes because accidents happen so you never know and I basically keep all of what I just showed you in the itsy risky wet dry.

Bags and they’re very very large and they hold a lot of stuff a lot of patterns for you to choose from I just picked these because they matched with her.

Bag and it was just too cute I could nibble it and then I carry just a small bag with boot bags so you can use that for diapers you can use it for.

Dirty clothes or just any messes that are in the car it comes in this cute little sips carriers got this from byebye baby and then you can attach it on to whatever you do it have to do all right so after I’ve.

Run through all those things if she’s still.

About to have a meltdown or if I just need a few moments or work ten minutes away from home whatever it may be I do.

Have to pull out one last thing which I told myself before I was a mom I would never ever do this but for Christmas my mother-in-law gave us her old iPad Mini which is very old it doesn’t update anymore there are no apps on it it has these probably a very small amount of memory I.

Know it has no SIM card nothing literally the only thing we have on it is frozen and Moana and for me I compare it to when I was growing up we pull out the DVD player or a mini band had the DVD player and we watch movies and I was totally okay with that I don’t in my opinion she’s too young to play with apps.

Or anything like that so movies is how we go but it literally it’s only.

Going out she doesn’t play with it any more than that and this I’m telling you.

It’s been my saving grace on very long car rides where I was about to lose my mind and so was she so.

In order to avoid tears from me and from her this is my secret women weapon at the last minute I just can’t fit anything else is to work breastfeeding and this iPad which was a I would never moment for me.

And now I’m like bring it out global never say never.

Mom’s because sometimes you just got to do what you gotta do so yeah after a year of trying a lot of different things and braving the errands that I had to do most of these methods have worked for me 98% of the time.

And like I said and pull off the street secret weapon when I need to but.

Patient with yourself be patient with your baby they’re trying to tell you something and hopefully you have a lot.

Of destructive tools available whether you learn them from me or some of your own I hope this.

Video helped leave in the comments below would have been some of your favorite toys or books or any kind of distractor that.

Has worked for you on long haul trips driving by yourself or via airplane so.

I can’t wait to hear from you thanks again for joining me.

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