Tfl Misadventure: Nissan Frontier Vs Gmc Canyon Vs Pennsylvania Gulch!

I really hope I don’t slashed or something which midsize truck is better off-road but we’re talking about midsize trucks that aren’t full hardcore off-roaders and how abouts would compare older school design versus newer school Nissan Frontier vs. GMC Canyon that sounds good and that’s coming up next both these trucks have a formal drive system with a low gearing.

Transfer case right that’s correct but no lockers no auguste renoir rear but these trucks are.

Two very different animals right they are very different especially when you drive them because this is a much more sophisticated interior it feels more car like it’s right is more tire like this is by comparison almost a covered wagon this vehicles technically speaking has been around since basically 2004 it’s one of the oldest vehicles out there using.

This platform or any platform frankly and the engine and transmission is not totally different as well you have a bigger displacement v6 old-school yeah VQ series yeah with more torque than in this.6 liter that’s right but this has 308 horsepower and it revs to like 6,500 rpm yeah this is a much more friendly city vehicle.

Versus this I’m gonna go in for low I’ll go in to drive now actually.

First gear and I’m off all good Junction control disabled the first obstacle right away so between the.

The hard place there’s a giant rock on the passenger side and the big tree on the Left I don’t have lockers once again two feet that chin might.

Be an issue okay a little passenger whoa whoa passenger nice and slow Tommy’s talking me through it great thing yep okay passenger yep you’re good I think I just scrape my wine it’s just good much in a little bit thank you though what’s gonna happen okay nice money off my sidestep doing it over here I wasn’t worried about actually making on coming up the mountain I’m worried about scratching this nearly forty six thousand.

Dollar midsize truck so I put this in for low first obstacle it’s kind of difficult only because I don’t want to scape and destroy these painted wheels not a big fan of painted wheels for off-road pull in the mirror we try to get to a certain level where we are challenging the vehicles so they lose traction.

We’ll go to maximum articulation this trail does that now if this was the pro-4x oh if that was the Chevy Colorado zr2 this would be laughable Audrey likes being called pimpin primarily because he loves big wheels and this GMC certainly has big wheels it’s got duelers from Bridgestone which actually the.

Tread looks like it’s relatively city friendly it’s got sipes for snow but I wouldn’t exactly call it an off-roading tire 20 inch wheels now on this side with the Nissan you got Hankook Dyna pros 18-inch wheels a lot more rubber so you can air down with these a lot easier and a lot more successfully than you can arrow down with these [Applause] today we do not have the Chevy zr2 I’m.

Chin spoiler it’s about eight and a half inches off the ground which is not great by any means let’s see how the Nissan Frontier handled this and this is.

The SV version of it also not a pro 4x but about the eleventh eleven inches here so a lot more clearance approach angle here in the front of the frontier okay second obstacle it’s always good to come.

Here with a second vehicle and.

Or you know somebody’s I’m trying to use the two foot method set the throttle at a certain level help.

With the brake pedal when I can when I break the tires that are spinning loosely I’m.

Gaining traction [Applause] we would try the probably one of the hardest obstacles on this thing Andre struggled on this yeah I didn’t have as much trouble up as Andre but then again I think I have a bigger right foot so to.

Speak the torque of this thing is great this really does help get you up and over obstacles all right.

So both vehicles have side steps and this one the Nissan is just under 11 inches and if you look at the these connect points here I would say it’s another 2 inches down so altogether maybe nine nine and a half inches of ground clearance first thing you do when you want to go off-road is get rid of these things but a lot of automakers actually.

Keep them on their vehicles for better aerodynamics no kidding let’s check out the GMCs okay so pretty close in terms of measurement so I would say both of them have around nine and a half.

Inches of ground clearance which for breakover angle is no bueno this is one aspect of being older school design versus newer school older school this bed rail is it’s about four feet which means I can easily reach in and grab anything we need like the toe straps on the other hand new school trucks wow I need to extend this this is about 53 and a half here my goodness.

That’s a big difference it’s getting rockier and steeper I have to use two foot.

Method a little bit of break to gain traction again these tires are not the best off-road tires obviously.

Or more for street youth and I am worried about the 20 inch rims yes I like to light the.

Way they look on the street in the situation like this with jagged rocks in the Colorado Rockies goodbye though slashed tires and the rims with jagged rocks I got the tire it’s down completely okay let’s see if I can see the rock there yeah that tire is completely gone that’s flat is me huh.

To find a flat spot yep and then the question is do we.

Turn around and go back down yeah that that went really fast that probably is a two or three inch tank so don’t turn the wheel hard right okay go forward slowly you might be eating into the Rockland train right no okay work nope nope I would go is that all the way right okay.

Now sale we right back it up.

Can’t see sorry guys now straighten it out going back straightening out of go back wowthat’s I.

Really hadn’t traveled itself you’re doing okay turn the other way a little yes look okay do they rip it or need to pop the bead it’s my pot okay put a little clearing if you want to keep going back go left turn your wheel left yeah no driver yet we’re.

A good on the side yeah you’re good I don’t know what else to do guys we’re kind of horizontal now this is turning into a misadventure but we.

Do have to change the tire and we do have two trucks here so it’s always good to be with some friends we’re trying to get the truck level he’s fine you got some more room but about four feet three feet okay stop okay here we are the jack and some of the tools are actually.

Behind here so we’ll just need to get this out all.

Right so we’re gonna lower the spare tire okay we’re kind of in a tree here but it’s still going okay I need to turn this here I see it you’re all bloodless got it Tommy’s our instructions on how to release the wheel once the tire is completely lowered reach under the vehicle remove the retainer chain and carefully slide.

The tire under the rear of the vehicle well we got the spear out thanks to Nathan and Tommy and now we’re gonna jack up the truck and.

Change it D’Andre going up yep your handle when you’re done we got the rear tires blocked with rocks I can see the TPMS Center sensor okay this is a NASCAR pit crew right off.

And on hey look it’s the same midnight edition wheel that is actually very handy yeah and it only took one cyclist right NASCAR Jamaica what happens when I.

Popped my 20 inch wheel and tire you know it’s funny cuz bucks I expected that.

One to get cut well we’re not done yet dude Yeah right just wait a minute you see.

Right there inside wall you got a puncture there’s a hole do these guys that rock get.

The tire in yeah it certainly did okay let’s back down and hold your thing down yep okay for my next trick I’m gonna try.

I want to say almost 80 yards section of hard trail in the canyon figure out where your place I want to go for it [Applause] that’s not a good part about having a small midsize truck you.

Can actually turn around in the very tight space although the turning radius on the frontier is not the best it’s still a compact.

Pickup you ready dude yeah it’s straight on straight on well guys this is one of the realities about off-roading and this is why having a really thick sidewall would be kind of good at the end of the day I still say that.

Value worth looking at because it’s $14,000 less than your ride so fewer to ask me which is better older school or new school I think in the case like this with hard rocks I would still say old school is better especially like you said for a.

Better value that Canyon Denali is more of a boulevard cruiser than a tough Rock Crawler although it.

Still made it up higher than.

This vehicle so yes tell Victorious oh boy well thank you Nissan for being patient with us fortunately nobody got hurt.

End of the day we had a chance to really test both trucks so well what a day thanks for joining us for the fast lane trucks Nathan and Andre.

And taught me behind the camera and we’ll see you next time by the way guys subscribe using the button below it really helps us out and thank you very much.

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