Anthony Bourdain Revealed Low Point With Gf Asia Argento | E! News

Anthony Bourdain reveals the worst thing his girlfriend Asya Gento ever said to him him one of his final interviews Bourdain talks about a low point in his relationship with the Italian actress while speaking with popular back in February the late parts unknown host said the worst thing Asya ever said to me she had had a bad day she.

Doing a play somewhere in Italy and she was rehearsing and she’d had a really bad day with the.

We’re texting back and forth because we only argue by text she’s angry f you too you always want to win you always want to win I was really offended by this I was so hurt by this Bourdain continued I do not need to win I’m not a competitive person I.

To survive in the interview Anthony also discussed his happiest moments my happiest moments on the road are always off-camera generally with my crew coming back from shooting a scene.

I could never have imagined having the freedom or.

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