Root System

Root system the underground part of plant is called root system the underground main axis of the plant body is called root it is the prolongation of radical of the embryo it is positively geo tropic or negatively phototropic it is not differentiated into nodes and Internode’s it is non chlorophyll as’ or brown colored it does not possess leaves buds.

Flowers and fruits lateral roots are produced from main axis in a crop Atal succession lateral roots are formed from in the region of the main axis para cycle so these are called endogenous.

Organs the small hair like outgrowth present on the tips of lateral roots and main axis are called root has root has are exogenous organs root has are found in Massa fights and Zehra fights and absent in hydro fights the protective layer present around the root tip is called.

Root cap root cap is made up of a dead tissue called collector Jen hence it is also called Culebra root cap is well developed in Massa fights and zero fights absent in hydro fights in.

Free-floating hydro fights root.

Pockets are present types of root system you in angiosperms two types of root systems are present they are one tap root system two fibrous root system or advantageous root system tap root system the central main axis is called tap root tap root is formed by the.

Prolongation of radical of the embryo lateral roots are produced obliquely in all.

Directions from tap root in a crop Atal succession it is most commonly found in dicotyledons fibrous root system or adventitious roots system a bunch of new roots are produced from the base of the.

Roots are called fibrous roots and the root system is called fibrous root system in.

This roots are not formed from radical so these are also called adventitious roots and.

The root system is called adventitious roots system it is most commonly found.

In monocotyledons functions of root system roots provide Anchorage to the plant by fixing it into the soil roots absorb water and minerals from the soil roots conduct the absorbed water and minerals to the chute system.

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