Healthy Grocery Haul & Crockpot Meal Prep Recipe

And a couple of marshmallows that I just called those marshmallows I met mushrooms oh my god what’s up people we need to turn this down we are just getting to the grocery store normally we go grocery shopping on Sundays just to prep our week but yesterday went by so fast got away from us so we’re going grocery shopping.

Today it is Monday so I have a few tips for you guys before you go grocery shopping number one write out your list so then you follow it and you get everything.

On your list so then you don’t forget and then you don’t buy anything that you don’t need to is do not go hungry eat before you go to the grocery store because you don’t want to be buying things that you don’t necessarily need because you’re.

Hungry and then number three is so I stay away from like process and prepackaged food aisles I pretty much spend the entire time in the fruit and veggie section the meat section and then the dairy section I get like my almond milk.

And the eggs and stuff like that and then I’ll go and get my rice cakes and my rice or my quinoa anything like that and that’s it but I’m gonna go run in I’ll.

Kind of show you a few things that I get and then when we get home I will show you everything that we got for the week and then I’m also going to be meal prepping either one or two recipes for you guys that way you guys can.

Use them too all right let’s go in if you live in California save a couple cents by bringing your own bags I always forget this this is the list this is what happens when we go for a small grocery run no we only got things on the list never trust kdl sprung rice cake we just got home I’m gonna show you guys really quickly at what I got today and this was pretty much like a full grocery run for us we didn’t get that.

Much protein or meats because we didn’t need it we didn’t need it this time but we did get chicken but I will show you everything that we did get just so you guys.

Grocery shop and what I got today so we have bone broth caramel rice cakes these are lentils we got some yogurt and some peanut butter this is seriously the best kind chicken breasts almond milk collagen peptides got some turkey and some cheese Bond’s up pasta all the fruit the fruit lineup is real nice and then we got breakfast sausage I think this is Lobster you think the boyfriend snuck lobster that was not on the grocery list tomatoes and then a bunch of different veggies so we have avocado back here celery cucumber asparagus green peppers.

And then some onion red potatoes I think this is ginger and broccoli and then this super green mix which I throw in all of my smoothies but yeah that is the grocery run so like I said I.

Pretty much only really spend time in the aisles that.

I need to at the grocery store I feel like when you go down.

Every single aisle you’re gonna trap yourself and you’re gonna buy something that isn’t necessarily good for you so I like to spend time pretty much in the produce department picking out a bunch of different stuff those strawberries were 9 seven.

Cents each so we got four packets just gonna cut them all up stick some in the freezer stick another pack in the fridge I always always always follow my list it is so important but yeah that’s what helps me I hope this helps you I’m gonna put everything.

Away and then I’m gonna start the meal prep and I will be right back to show you what we’re making so it is summertime.

And unless you are barbecuing.

By the pool no one’s got time to cook at home during the day for dinner time but there is a little little friend my best friend in the kitchen called the crock-pot and if you do not have one.

Seriously go get yourself one because they are game-changers so I’m gonna make a chicken lentil soup kind of sorta not really type C I’m gonna show you how to make it I’m the type of.

Person that likes to make more food than white one serving I like to make sure I have some for the week if I’m on the fly and just grab and go so I’m gonna make a lot more than I need just for like two people for one night I just think it’s really easy to put them in containers and throw them in the fridge for the rest of the week and whenever you eat it for lunch or a quick dinner.

You can just throw it into the microwave and take it with you so what you’re going to need so I’m gonna use four chicken breasts and then I dumped about like a cup of these lentils in there I have some mushrooms here’s an onion a bell pepper and then I’m gonna chop up some asparagus you’ve dumped water over the.

Top of all of it once it goes into the crock-pot and you’re gonna season it however you want I’ll show you which seasonings I use but let me go chop those veggies all right so the veggie all chopped I used a fold like one hole bell pepper like 10 to 12 stalks of asparagus half an onion and.

A couple of marshmallows that just covers marshmallows mushrooms oh my god okay so I’m gonna put those in the crock pot there’s nothing worse than the feeling overall chicken whoo hey yep it it one more it alright.

So off we’re in there now you got to put this in derp so all the veggies go on top of the chicken and then you’re going to measure out like a cup of this and put it on top okay so I just poured all the lentils on top of there you’re just going to put a ton of water in there and you’re gonna fill it like right above the vegetables you don’t have to.

All the way but and you’re gonna want to fill most of the crock pot up with water easiest way to do.

This take a nice big glass of water and dump it over the top so like this is perfect like not all the mushrooms are covered but for the most part it’s all in there alright so for the seasoning I’m gonna use some garlic salt a little bit of pink Himalayan salt so a lot of.

Pepper paprika and cayenne pepper and I’m just gonna dump it right on the top of that you can use whatever seasoning that you want if you have a favorite throw.

It in there sometimes I’ll go and buy like the onion packets from the store and I’ll dump it in there too but these are what we have in I’m use it’s gonna be good anyway I put a lot of seasoning in there just because I like a lot of flavor.

Completely up to you you can season it however you want those are just my top picks for the day I’m gonna turn it on and I’m gonna put it on high I’m.

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